Twilight of the Gods


This is the Twilight of the Gods MUD from the 1990s that has been resurrected and brought back to life with a 9-Volt battery, a bucket of chicken fat and a modified Bic lighter. It can't be, you say. It can. And it is. That doesn't make any sense but you don't care because chipmunks are eating your begonias.

The main theme of Twilight of the Gods is chaos and that makes describing it a bit difficult. It's comfortable and familiar but at the same time you never know what any given play might bring. It's a party MUD where you can spend either minutes or hours mindlessly murdering the computer-generated population of the realms or just relaxing and chatting with your pals.

And check this out: There are classes and races and all that stuff, plus all of those commands you love so much like north, east, south, west and look. You can type all of those and they, I assure you, will work. You can kill bunnies. That in itself should be more than enough incentive for you to play TOTG. And I should note that most of the changes we've made have been suggested by players, and while some of them are brilliant ideas, others are terrible and should be burned at the stake, but we're eager to please and also, possibly, slightly masochistic.

You know you missed us while we were gone. We certainly missed YOU.

Mud Theme: Chaos.

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