The Ministry
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Mud Address: 6969
Web Address:
Codebase:            [MUSH] TinyMUSH version 3.0
Listing Last Updated:     February 03, 2006


Monolithic skyscrapers. Bizarre, praeterhuman sculpture. Miles of city streets, crammed with shops and galleries, oddities and objects d'horreur. A secret sleeping beneath the city, slumbering but growing ever more hungry for light and life. A city lost in time and space, surrounded by an endless black desert under a blood-red sky.

Mud Theme: Integrated Webserver. A large city inhabited by curious NPCs.

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The Ministry Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed5690
Last Connection StatusConnect Refused
# Days With Status6
Total Telnet Attempts2830.050
Total Website Attempts4460.078
Telnet Attempts This Month2437.839
Website Attempts This Month2628.452