Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy


Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy has been in existance since May, 2003 and boasts one of the most advanced and original codebases in recent years. The mud is based on the anime Cowboy Bebop, and Bebop ONLY. No Dragonball Z, pokemon, etc. It is a project of creating an immersive RP atmosphere combined with cutting edge code and player interaction.

The mud is OPEN SOURCE and gladly accepts code submissions that comply with the "todo" list, and boasts its own wiki at for development in both code and building--not to mention info regarding the game itself. The development has been moving along at a rapid rate due to the active work of several coders and even more builders.

The gameplay is getting more intense and balanced by the day on Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy, be it in space or on the ground. Players can be a bounty hunter, crime boss, police chief, or any assortment of crafters and merchants. With more than 50 areas and thousands of rooms, any player is sure to find something they like!

Mud Theme: Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Venom
Posted on Thu Sep 13 12:35:15 2018 / 0 comments
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Following a recent rebirth and a Pwipe, now hosted at 5678.

The gameplay and mechanics are still sensational with a fully customizable character and equipment, now with the fresh slate of a recent Pwipe.

Come be a Bounty Hunter, Crime Boss, Corrupt Police Officer, Humble Merchant, or anything you choose...

See You Space Cowboy...

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Review posted by Clovis
Posted on Mon Apr 23 16:22:10 2012 / 0 comments
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This mud in my opinion could be one of the most promising muds out there. For starters you have a dedicated staff that is always ready and willing to assist with your questions and concerns. The mud also isn't a fly by night one you can actually invest time in your charachter, it's been around since 03. Bebop also stay true to it's theme. You cannot go there trying to be the next jedi pk master or super saiyan namek or whatever. You can however become a bounty hunter, a merchant, a pilot, or even a drug producer. Now for the drawbacks. To be honest all muds have there flaws but the only one even worth mentioning is that Bebop needs more players. There is a great opportunity for story building and plot development there but more players are needed to do so. If you're looking to gamble on a mud that has the potential to be one of the greatest out there, Clovis says give it a shot -=BANG=-

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Review posted by Ayeraan
Posted on Tue Aug 19 20:52:47 2008 / 0 comments
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CB, a world of criminals and cops and merchants; the choice is yours. Anything is possible with an awesome battle system, to a just as great ship system, this game has it all. Great immies and great players, for the most part anyway, heh. COME AND ENJOY the AWESOMENESS that is CB!

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Review posted by Katya
Posted on Thu Jun 14 20:24:29 2007 / 2 comments
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I have very few complaints about this mud. There is a lot of potential, and for a while things were a bit stagnant, but it's picked up lately, and there's a lot more being done. I think that some of the imms are a bit unprofessional at times, but overall they do a good job. They're there for the players most of the time for basic needs like renaming things, questions and problems. It would be great to see some new faces around, and I wish that the new ship system would be implemented soon.

The character base so far is good, and everyone is relatively close. There are good RP plots going back and forth. I have to say, after over 3000 hours on just one of my characters, I'll be playing this game as long as it's up. I've made some great friends playing this game, and it's a big part of my day. I love it! ^_^

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Comment posted on Thu Jan 25 16:46:59 2007 by Jon:

I'd like to know how many of those 3000 hours were spent botting in an attempt to max stats in the ultimate mindless system. I'm sure new players will figure out quickly that the ideal mud is not one where you have to leave your char idle/botting for half a year to increase stats (And yes, you really have to idle, because you can't do anything while you're stat training.)

Aside from that, it is a good mud. (I'm not withholding my name on the mud, I just forgot my name because it's been a few months since I've been there.)

Comment posted on Sun Jun 3 07:00:01 2007 by Nathyrra:

The LSC is a bit whacky, but it's not unbearable... and if you like, you can RP and gain QP to use on your stats so that you don't have to worry about it anyway. Those that become agitated with it have no reason to. It's an RP mud, use it's perks to it's advantages.

Review posted by James Cleland (Balmung)
Posted on Thu Feb 23 19:48:52 2006 / 3 comments
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I've been with the bebop crew for quite some time, and it's had its ups and downs. Player interaction can get harsh, and sometimes you feel cheated or picked on. However this is the best sci fi type Mud I have ever seen, tons to do, lots of interaction. Even when you get mad you find yourself coming back to it just to get another taste.

If you're bored or sick of fantasy muds/star wars clones, try this one out, you won't regret it.

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Comment posted on Fri Dec 30 10:50:12 2005 by Robert Smith (Dravvik Iblis):

Being around Cowboy Bebop for so long now has led me through rough times just as James described. But what is life without hard times? One day you're up then the next down. You can't get yourself back up unless you want to, and thats why I've chosen this place as my home away from home forsay. This is more like real life struggles that get easier to deal with as time goes on and as you learn. Check it out, you will like it.

Comment posted on Sat Dec 31 00:20:25 2005 by Artimis:

Don't really want to turn this into a flame war, but I feel the overwhelming urge to point out that I know the owner of this mud. I have played, I believe, all the muds he has created.

And while I will be the first to step up and say he is a wonderful coder and even go so far as to say he is a pleasant person to talk with...He is severely lacking in motivation. Or perhaps he tries to do too much at once. Not sure :)

Anyway, his projects either die out or are basically unworked on for very long periods of time.

The mud itself isn't horrible. I wish he would work more on some of his other projects though :)

Anyway just thought I would let people know. Artimis.

Comment posted on Mon Feb 20 12:31:55 2006 by Shaikoten:

You may be thinking of someone else... I'm the owner, and this is the only mud I've started. While I do have other projects outside of mudding (which I am slowly phasing out,) the mud is currently my main focus. Also, I'd like the point out I'm a very mediocre coder, but due to the fact that the mud is now open source, a lot of great coders have been contributing lately.

We've been doing a lot of area releases and code changes. I spend most of my time overseeing the staff and contributors. Also, due to the free nature of the game, I really have to work harder in moderating the game than coding, or else it all falls apart.

Sure, there was a period where the game was 'unworked on.' That is to say development had been halted due to the fact that we were very understaffed. But in opensourcing the game, a lot of those problems have been fixed. Anyways, hope people get a chance to check the game out. -'Spike'

Review posted by Akira Oni
Posted on Mon Feb 28 22:09:34 2005 / 0 comments
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I'm in no way new to MUDding, nor am I new to RP. So when I enter a mud I am very critical of what I see. With Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy I hope to say I've been no less. I am a big fan of the show and to see some familiar situations in the game (such as the different crime syndicates) does bring those warm fuzzy feelings to my soul. However, I'm trying to look past those.

There are many positive aspects to CB:SC that we should look into. I believe it's safe to say that the SWR codebase has already established the space travel program for any and all SciFi MUDs to come. However staying true to the CB story, CB:SP forces you to use HyperSpace Jump Gates (with toll charges) for you're space traveling needs. This seems like a minor detail, but its one that many would have overlooked in the long run.

Their 'Living Stats' system is what some would call a double edge sword. This system forces the player to choose who they REALLY want to be, because anything that isn't trained daily degenerates. It adds a whole new aspect to gameplay when you can't just train everything to the maximum in a game where you're free to learn every skill.

It's true that I haven't seen much of the worlds.... however what I have seen is pretty decent. There aren't alot of empty rooms just sitting around, and there are even a few mobs that interact (such as the two on Mars that are always fighting). Although to see more of these kinds of things would be nice (like citizens who casually speak to one-another on the street), it's still a good start.

Granted, there are also some aspects of the game that could use some improving, if just for RP sake. For example in Dayton, Mars, there is a Marital arts teacher (Kim) who can teach you anything you want to know. Although this is convenient, I don't expect my Karate Teacher to teach me how to hack into a bank vault.

In closing, there may be a few features that are lacking in CB:SC, and it's no LOTJ, but it's still shaping up to be a dec.... no great RP MUD. So if you're an anime fan that's tired of some mesh that's been thrown together, or if you're just looking for something different, I would HIGHLY recommend CB:SC.

Akira Oni Game Handle: (Not Included)

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Review posted by Dorian
Posted on Sat Jan 8 21:04:59 2005 / 1 comment
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As every mud deserves its ups and downs, CB:SB certainly deserves it's own, although in my opinion, there's only one down factor which just kills the game for me to no end. Overzealous Bounty Hunters. When in a crime syndicate such as the Red Dragons, or the White Tigers, your monthly pay revolves around the bounty you currently have on your head. 'Cool' you can say to yourself, especially as a new player. Whoops, a bounty hunter catches you. No problem right, part the game? Whoops, again, and again, and again, and again. As a new player it was extremely annoying, even as a mid-player it still is. Some old-clan members join the bounty hunters just so they can focus on the very clan they left and hate. Now if that's not harrassment, I don't know what it is.

Either way, bad thing said, good things come! The game is most awesome in my opinion save for the down part I mentioned. Players can be quite funny to watch in the OOC channel with pointless bickering on recent PKills, but nevertheless, with a good humor you can always fit in with the OOC-crew. Funny, witty, we have them all. Even the Immortals get involved with their own wit at times.

Skills? Plenty of them, and divised in several subsections which can help you focus on one section before moving on to the next. Thieves? Smuggling section will fit your needs. Tanks? Combat. Pilots? Piloting. Extra-edge fighters? Bounty Hunting. Corruption? Diplomacy. PLain-old-fashion healer? Medic. Computer geek? Hacking. And I may have neglected a few, early morning, short memory, but either way, you can choose your main focus on a skill, and then mix it with your second choice, third choice, and slowly work your way down the list. And don't worry, there are plenty of 'levels' in a section to keep you busy for a looonnng, lonnng time.

Combat? Awesome as well. You want to attack next round, you attack, punch? You punch, kick? You kick. Within each small combat round (You, and then your opponent turns) you have to imput the command you desire to make before the round starts, or else the opponent may get first initiative over you for dominance. Also, everyone has the same amount of health, 1000. The only thing making one healthier from another is the type of armor he wears and how he protects those precious health points. Next things to make a difference? Weapons and skill. Plain and simple.

RP? Eh. There isn't a whole lot of RP going on, and if you're like me and love to post paragraphs as posts, you might feel a bit lonesome, but at least it attracts attention and people read it, ya? After a point, they don't, heheh.. Lazy. Either way, the RP, when involved, with more than two players, does get interesting. Weddings, assassination attempts, clans after-war discussion, under the table dealings...It has it all if you're brave enough to start it.

I think I'm nearing the end soon. So I'll quit typing. Either way, if you want a MUD with interactive players, plenty of skills to choose from, awesome combat system, interesting clan features, and to mention several cities to explore on several planets. Just drop on by and try it out. Don't be shy to ask for help, you'll certainly get it in a handful.

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Comment posted on Sat Jan 8 15:52:49 2005 by Benvern:

Said basically everything I could think of. The mindless, repeated killing though, it isn't happening much anymore that I have seen. Just to put in what I can see that may need to be touched on, there is a stat-training system in. What this allows is for you to raise your own stats how you see fit for them to be raised. A cap has been put on to the stat training to make it so that there won't be players out there with all peaked stats(18 is the highest a stat can go without equipment or skills). Post away after this one if you can remember something that would need to be said about Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy.

Review posted by Bran Davies
Posted on Mon Mar 14 19:59:30 2005 / 2 comments
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Well. CB:SC is quite an innovative MUD. But I'm sure everyone has heaped enough praise about the MUD, some criticism is in order! The MUD appears to be composed of half-finished thoughts. The system of checks and balances is rather flimsy, and is only held up by he 'Imms are always right rule'. Which basically means that when the rules or balances aren't well defined (And they generally aren't) the matter is settled with a sort of coin toss, and the loser is either helled, silenced, or deleted/banned/other nasty stuff.

The Imms are generally disdainful of the playerbase, because the players tend to whine about the rules even when they haven't been broken. However, they neglect the fact that people tend to act that way because of the way in which they enforce the rules. Which is to say that the Imms tend not to actually watch what players do unless they already suspect them of something. Instead they wait for a complaint to be issued, and whether the rules are in favor of the 'defendent', the Imms are always right, which overrides the other rules. So if the complainant can convince an imm he/she's right, hey, they're right. Basically what happens here is certain players continually break the rules without punishment as long as no one knows or tells, by hiding behind the same rules, calling down other players for breaking them. I won't menAtion any names here or anything, but it happened quite a bit. Actually, I did it myself a few times. Mostly to see if it was favoritism or if the imms really weren't watching. It was the latter. Anyway, that makes for very annoying player-exchanges. Ship battle There are tons of ships, but only a handful worth using. Because the stats of other ships weren't kept in mind when new ships were created, so you have a bunch of 'uber ships', and a bunch of little putters that get blown up every time they lift off, because 'Oops, I thought you were someone else.' when the truth was, it was just an easy kill.

A good many things that made the game interesting in months past were altered so they could be brought under control. There were a good many unregulated, unsanctioned activities that didn't clearly go against any rule or adversely affect the gameplay in anyway. Such as bands of bounty hunters under an unofficial clan name. They could have put in the clanpk rules that these bands were neither sanctioned nor protected under the clan rules, and wouldn't be allowed to become an actual clan. But instead, they made it illegal to have unofficial bands simply because the Imms don't like the idea that something on the game might not be fully under their influence. Some punishments are dealt by the Imms, not because of any illegality but simply because of a perceived attack on their ego, or a 'disrespect' as they put it.

Ah, yes.. The skills. Everytime they change the weapons and armor, or change the skills, they more or less nullify the uses of the majority of the skills in favor of one or two. This is especially true of weapons. Only one type of weapon at a time is generally relevant within the game. Well, anyway.

I could continue ranting, but I'm running out of space! I love you Gatzie. :X

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Comment posted on Sun Feb 27 23:52:21 2005 by Explayer:

Wow! They finally got rid of Gatz?! That's good news.

Comment posted on Thu Nov 11 22:25:24 2004 by Exten:

Gatz isn't inside of Cowboy Bebop anymore, just to tell the players.

Review posted by Cygnus
Posted on Thu Oct 7 20:09:09 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is a fairly large MUD. This isn't stock Diku here, folks. Highly optimized for performance and gameplay, this MUD is a hit. A fairly large playerbase has adapted over the last few weeks, growing by around one hundred players during the time I've been playing.

In terms of gameplay, you can do basically anything. You could be a freelance mercenary working for the ISSP or a lowly criminal working through the ranks. If you so desired, you could even taxi people around Space for a fee. The Roleplay is most usually quite nice, varying from group to group.

Skill lists are growing by the day, and the MUD's code is constantly changing. The code and great players make this MUD, and I'd recommend playing it for a few days before judging it. It's not the kind of MUD you can experience from just a glance.

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Review posted by Halcyon
Posted on Sun Sep 19 22:14:36 2004 / 0 comments
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While I haven't been playing this MUD too long. By now I've been mudding for well over five years, and there are exactly two MUDs that I've even played for more than 3 weeks, or logged more than 30 hours playing, and this is one of them. While based off of the anime Bebop, it doesn't get so tied up in authenticity that it loses too much as a game, and there are many paths for a character to take and still be successful by some standard.

Bounty Hunting is well done in this game. Although there are hiccups, this is a MUD definitely worth playing, however it may consume your life for a while.

While there are some parts that for now, seem to need a little work, the programmers are constantly working on it to balance various things, add others, and in general, make sure that the MUD keeps growing and becoming better, which is possibly the best quality a mud can have. Connect NOW.

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Review posted by Gunny
Posted on Sat Sep 4 21:14:44 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is one of the few good muds I've ever played/worked on. I started playing quite awhile back, enjoying the fast paced world, RP, and political intrigue. It's a world filled with struggle, wars between the syndicates and police, spanning multiple planets. If you manage to overcome this and get a reputation, whether from being a nice guy or maniacal tyrant, it becomes very interesting.

The mud is so heavily changed and reworked from it's SWR roots it is now a different codebase, aptly named Bebop by the mud's coder, Gatz. I'd say all of the changes are for the better. Gatz plays a very active role in the mud, and is always working on something new and interesting for the players.

The world is constantly evolving and growing as new people make our mud their home, and the staff expands the world. Global RP quests, regular tournaments, frequent changes, and a friendly, helpful playerbase and staff are just some of the things you'll find here.

So stop by Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy.

Gunny - Builder, Helper, Player

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Review posted by Krystalia
Posted on Wed Jun 23 21:59:59 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop:Space Cowboy is unlike any game I have ever played. You do not just play this game but you become absorbed. The coding is always evolving, the roleplaying is multifaceted, and for those who like to spill a little blood, bounties are always in abundance. Every game has its ups and downs, but what defines the greatness of a game is what you remember after you quit. CB:SC never leaves you with a negative feeling after you log out.

The staff is remarkable. By keeping the staff small and tightknit each individual effort contributes to running the well-oiled machine. Spike, our owner, always keeps things fun and relaxed. He may have the title owner, but in the end people come to think of him as a confident, friend, and worthy opponent. Our resident coder and Co-Owner Gatz implements more creative, working code on a weekly basis than most games hope to get in a month’s time. He keeps the game interesting, update, and always evolving. Taille is our RolePlaying immortal. She comes up with global roleplaying games that every player walks away satisfied from. She blends the perfect amounts of storyline and good old-fashioned ass kicking to form a quest that everyone can enjoy and take part in. There are a few more immortals that work behind the scenes building ships, areas, and objects to keep the game working and we would be nowhere without them.

Diversity in players in abundant. Every mud will have its “oldbies” that know the game better than anyone else and at first seem invincible, but as a new player moves up in knowledge they come to find that almost everyone is on an equal playing field and no one is “undefeatable.” This balance is something that is crucial and every game strives for but one that most do not achieve. CB:SC may not be perfect, but it is the best balancing I have seen yet and I would not be over exaggerating if I said that I believe it to be a balance that is envied.

Clans, ships, hacking, smuggling, bounty hunting, Cowboy Bebop:Space Cowboy has all of this and more. With a great environment, dedicated staff, and always interesting players J this is a game worth checking out. Who knows you might just stick around long enough to see me and some of the other players go at it in a space battle. ^.^

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Review posted by Kage (Tom)
Posted on Thu Jul 1 22:50:10 2004 / 0 comments
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Most of what I have to say, well, it's been said already. The combat system is exceptionally great, much better than those lame autokill commands where you just sit back and watch a scrolling screen. The Imms tolerate no losers in their MUD, so the majority of people you'll find are nice OOC and great players IC. The RP environment is one of the best I've ever seen, and on top of that, you even get bonuses for roleplaying.

Many of the experienced players (like I am...except I have new characters) are incredibly nice and newbie-friendly. They help most newbies out in whatever way they can, which is much more than I've seen in other MUDs.

Overall, SC is a great MUD. Imms are great. Playerbase is great. Action and RP is great. You can't get much better than that, can you?

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Review posted by Morihei
Posted on Fri May 28 22:09:30 2004 / 0 comments
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There are plenty of reviews about the Cowboy Bebop mud. Many of them I find reasonably fair of the mud. The one thing I see too often is the fact that people have a problem with the stat train system and the combat system. This is the reason why I am writing this review.

Cowboy Bebop is a tremendous mud. The immortals are good to deal with, regularly on and pleasant people over all. The amount of time and energy spent on this game is clearly exceptional. Something new is coming out weekly, if not daily, on one aspect of the mud or the other. The overall playerbase, the regulars so to speak, are all really excellent people with good hearts and an intent to make the game better by their involvement. Basically, what I am saying is that the atmosphere is very good on Bebop.

Now on to the concerns about the stat train system and the combat system. Let me begin by explaining that these systems add a level of realism that you just don't find anywhere else. Let me explain the stat train system first. Take a real person for example. Let's say you spend a month running, riding your bike, studying, lifting weights and practicing self-defense. Well let's say that the following month you just sit around and mud 24/7 (not that there is anything wrong with that!). What's going to happen to all that hard work you did the prev2ious month? More than likely you are going to lose a little of your conditioning, you are not going to be as strong as you were and you won't be able to study as well as you did when you were doing it regularly. Bang! There you have the concept behind the stat train system.

In the mud you go to the gym and lift some weights for a little while. Some time later you suddenly start to feel like you could use some more strength training because you haven't been using your strength, you've been working on developing your makerifle skill. Uh oh! So while you have been keeping your int and wis high by using it, you are losing str because you haven't been doing anything that has required it. No big deal then, all you do is head on over to the gym, lift some weights and you don't have to worry about it for a while now.

This is an exceptional concept put into this mud. The stat train system adds a reality that just is non-existent on many other muds. There is simply no reason to complain about this. Everyone is required to participate in this, and you do so that way if you come into a conflict with someone who has been keeping up with their training then you can have an even fight. One of the nicest things about training stats is that it occasionally levels the playing field. You have an experienced player who just hasn't been keeping up their stats, they have a bounty, you're newer and so you just don't have the cool equipment that they do, and for some reason or another you are able to take them out because they have been neglecting their training! It's great!

Okay, on to combat. Again, the Bebop system adds a level of reality. No, there isn't an auto kill or auto attack command. Why would you want it? The opportunity to make variations on your attack is very important and Bebop allows that to happen. I believe it was the comment written by Hayden that described a number of the attacks. This variation allows you to make sure that your best foot (or fist) is put forward in a combat situation. Instead of this mindless auto kill stuff that I have seen around, Bebop requires you to be proactive if you attack or are attacked. Again, there is a level of realism in this that you just don't find elsewhere.

Bebop is an excellent place to have a good time. There is ample to do, plenty of people to meet, and fun stuff to kill. Small fry, keep your head up. Bounty hunters, keep your noses to the ground. Junkies... Keep those eyes open!

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Review posted by Hayden
Posted on Thu May 20 22:20:23 2004 / 0 comments
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This is actually my first mud. I've played it for like 700 or so hours now. So there's obviously not much to complain about. It's pretty addicting. Even when i'm just bored i can sit around and chat with people, which always gives me something to do. The RP immies are usually making us something to do after a while. The immies are more into the players. We can talk and have a good time. Profane language is there, but it says that on the listing, so it should be expected.

They have a new stat training thing. it gets annoying, but you really have to want your stats to get them. It does take a bit too long to gain, and you can lose them.

The new way of combat is alot more fun than the kill . We can type attack or we can use a variety of different attacks like punch, backstab, circle, kick, bash. If i'm losing, i'll choose a different attack instead of just a straight round.

Overall, its a darn good place to chill and i'm done writing, back to playing it:)

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Review posted by Xanitross
Posted on Fri May 28 20:59:27 2004 / 1 comment
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Well, this is a very interesting mud, after going through all the newbie beginner stuff and actually getting into the game I was hit with 2 big shocking facts. #1 (and most importantly) There is foul language everywhere, blasting across ooc, in the language of the imm's and even in room descriptions, and the 2nd fact is that their 'innovative new fighting system' is like any other combat system except there is no auto-attack, it's the exact same thing, just you have to constantly type in attack to do damage, kind of a pointless and time-wasting 'innovation' if you ask me.

Now, eventually I was able to overlook these things and start to have some fun with the game. I kill some mobs. I buy some cool gear, everything is going fine, I tell my brother that this game is pretty cool and that he should play also, everything is great when out of the blue, we both start getting harassed by imm's. Now, I am an easygoing guy, and try to be helpful when dealing with imm's. I was sleeping at the time and they were speaking in say so I couldn't hear them, but they were yelling at him for multiplaying, next thing I know, he comes up to my room all sad and I'm like, what happened? And he goes over to my computer, has my character wake up and it turns out that we got helled. For doing nothing wrong. Rule #4 of this mud reads 'Multiplaying is not allowed. Legitimate lans are acceptable, but absolutely no multiplaying'. So, while doing something completely ok we were both silenced, so we couldn't even explain what was going on. While trying to explain to the imm the problem, by creating new characters, they ban our original characters forever.

So, that's my review, in summary, it's a pretty ok game, there are bad words everywhere, the combat system is more annoying than anything else, and if you play by the rules odds are some incompetent imm will probably yell at you and never let you play again.

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Comment posted on Thu May 20 10:28:53 2004 by Gatz:

I was the person who helled him. =P I would do it again too! He got busted for multiplaying and instead of trying to talk to the Lower Imm who caught him, insisted on saying 'He had no right to talk to him' and waited until I showed up. I helled him for harassing Immortal staff, end of a story.

Review posted by Halide/Brandon
Posted on Mon May 3 22:27:01 2004 / 0 comments
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This mud is quite interesting. It ranges from your all around killers to noobs and 'peace' talkers. You gain friends easily and enemies only for reasons. If you play just don't kill civilians or other players and you should last for quite awhile! Overall this mud first ever and i'm hooked. Have fun kids! peace

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Review posted by Sebsis
Posted on Thu Apr 29 21:37:34 2004 / 0 comments
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First let me say that Gatz's promise of a cookie in no way influenced this reviews content. Just prompted me to write one.

This mud is VERY accurate as far as the CB universe goes. It is a blast to play even for the new players who do not know a lot about the show or the Manga. This is due in large part to a very supportive Pbase and Imms.

The Mud is cool in so many ways it's hard to list them all. When a player with a veteran char is a little rough on a newb that seems a little clueless other players will politely warn the player so that the imms don't have to get involved, and the newb is usually taken gently by the hand and taught some of the muds ins and outs and when needed basic mud manners. The imms are patient, friendly (not like buddy buddy give you all kinds of favors, but make your time here pleasant friendly). The worlds are well constructed with plenty of things to do.

RP in encouraged, and from what I here occasionally enforced, but if you want to hack and slash mobs all day, go fo it. But if you kill citizens don't be suprised if a hunter or a cop comes for you! It's not personal, and most are cool about giving you all your eq back.

The combat system I have a small issue with. I like it as an idea, you focus on your target and then every round requires a command entered, but if you are a plagued by sudden lag you can find yourself in a lot of trouble unexpectedly. Still this is not a major annoyance, you just have to be a little more carful and keep an eye on your health.

The stat system is a pain in my butt also at times, but that is still being tweaked and tuned and I think a balance will be struck that is a challenge and not a frustrating roadblock.

Feh. I'm tired of typing this. Gonna go play me some Bebop!

Adios, Cowboys!

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Review posted by Lidia
Posted on Mon Apr 19 22:53:15 2004 / 0 comments
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After mudding for the past 9 years on everything from stock ROMs to overdone mushes it was nice to stumble apon CB:SC, a refreshing change from what i had been playing. There are alot of things that were new to me, from space combat, to the very idea of selling enhancement drugs. There is alot of new and interesting changes that i have not seen elsewhere; from the progressive stat system which forces you to stay on top of your character's well being, the ability to make your own neat and custom armor, to skills that allow you to steal someone else's ship(useful for getting away from the ISSP). The combat system takes some getting used to and alot of practice, but is well formed and quite solid, it's about skill, not being a munchkin.

Fans of the show will notice the attention to detail paid when it comes to player interaction. Not everyone on the mud is good, but then again not everyone is a raving psychopath wanting only blood. Roleplaying is encouraged and in some places it is enforced.

After many years of playing other muds that didn't quite live up to expectations, it is nice to have somewhere I can be happy to play.

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Review posted by Sanchez
Posted on Wed Mar 31 18:40:55 2004 / 0 comments
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Well, what can be said about CB:SC that hasn't already been said? For starters, it's a refreshing theme from the prev2alent Star Wars-Empire vs. Republic/Sith vs. Jedi themes found on most SWRs. What you'll find in Bebop is a creative, albeit fledgling interpetation of the code base.

The CB:SC Universe is concurent with the anime series. Well from the episodes I've seen, including features such as hyper gate space transit, drug production (including the infamous flame bait, Bloodyeye), Venus Sickness, ISSP and Syndicate clans, bounty hunting, ballistic projectile and melee based weapons (no blasters and lightsabers here) and many more nods to the series that I'm sure fans will enjoy.

But you don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy playing here, what makes this mud truly unique are the overhauled code revisions that have taken place in this mud's creation. The helpfiles for the changes incurred to the original SWR code currently span 11 separate helpfiles, so there is no question over whether the imms are active in the mud's development.

Some of the more notable changes are the ones involving combat code; no longer requiring a 'kill' command, one must focus on an opponent, and 'attack' each individual round, rather than passive autocombat. At first it may seem a burden, but it adds a new dimension to player combat, in which a slowly executed command can make the difference between the victory of a novice and a master.

While on the subject of the many, many code revisions, it is important to bring up the oft mentioned stat training code that has been the clarion call for many veterans in the past few weeks. While it is true, that if you wish to maintain perfect scores in all stats, you will be required to spend a great deal of game time training, this is in an effort to curb the game mentality of veterans purchasing or training maxed out stats in all fields without a hint of upkeep to their abilities. The new code will have you either invest hours of time in upkeep for all stats, or to focus only on stats that would be important for your individual character (Strength for a bounty hunter, Intelligence for a Craftsmen, etc). Training is not the only way in which stats can receive upkeep or improvement either. Fighting other people or mobs can upkeep your strength, and in some reports, even increase it if you haven't maxed it yet. Taking hits in combat can send upkeep to your Constitution score, making items, piloting ships, and generally learning anything from a new skill will give you the upkeep for Intelligence. With that said, the system can be difficult to adjust to, but by no means impossible. It adds an element of realism unparelleled in other mud stat systems.

But the more positive things you will find at CB:SC are interesting players, fun and friendly imms, engaging RP, palm sweating PK. Whatever your interest, chances are that CB:SC can cater to it.

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Review posted by Sazxe
Posted on Tue Jun 3 14:47:59 2014 / 2 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is an incredibly fun MUD. There is always something to be done, RP, participate in PK, work on your engineering skills; it is the best non-SWR MUD I have ever played. The players, the atmosphere, the environment, it all makes up a great mud.

On Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy, you can be almost anything. You can be an engineer, drug dealer, bounty hunter, or dozens of other things. I, myself, was a pilot in the ISSP, and I have to admit, I had an extremely fun time participating in the wars that went on in my short time there. Most of the players are good people, and the IMMs can be helpful at times.

I have never watched Cowboy Bebop, but I assume it is true to the show. The ships have been modified to fit the show's ship style. The planets used in the MUD are from the show and the only race is human. The clans are also the same as from the show. From what I have heard, the MUD takes place after the show ends.

There is something that prompted me to quit, however. The stat training system. Once you are past 6 hours played, you begin losing stats at an alarming rate. Don't bother offering the coder, Gatz, advice on how to make the stat training system better, though. You will be cursed at and silenced/banned. The coder admits being a newbie to coding and also admits it being his first mud, and refuses to accept constructive criticism. Just don't even try.

I have to say I love CB, but the stat training system and unwillingness to accept that something is wrong with something they made are the MUD's downfalls.

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Comment posted on Fri Mar 26 00:02:42 2004 by Gatz:

Well, since this newest coding 'adventure' I have embarked on has had Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy turned upside-down, I figured I would take a moment to respond to someone who has obviously been upset by this.

First, to debunk what Sazxe said I have always encouraged critisim as long as it is constructive. I never liked it when it was in the form of 'GATZ U SUK!' or other lewd things. In the past I have talked with many players about what the MUD needed or didn't need and I am always happy to take suggestions from players. I understand they are the bane of the MUD, with that said Sazxe made a poor point about me 'ignoring' players. This comment was poorly declared because it was not made clear what 'ignoring' meant. I do listen to everyone's ideas. I don't even snap on them like her review made me sound, but I don't talk every single one and make it happen. She was correct about me being a 'newbie coder' but she knew that because I told people that, I don't hide it. Every idea that comes into place I read and then think about the ones I liked or ones that could work, and then talk about them with Spike (The Owner) who also does a similar process. Those ideas get worked and re-worked until they get into good shape, then placed into the MUD. We extensively try to make the idea as best as it can be BEFORE installation. I am sure if the reader of this has ever been on a MUD which has not done this same process things get very ugly, very fast.

Secondly, I am not 'the coder.' I am the Co-Owner, which Sazxe failed to mention. He pitted me as being some asinine coder on a power trip, but such isn't the case. Now, I can't defend my character without possibly insulting his so I can just say log in and see for yourself. I became Co-Owner last novemeber after Imming on the mud for about 3-4 months. I built about 1/2 of the MUD myself, so Spike had a pretty good handle on what he was doing when he made me Co-Owner. Next, the Living Stat Code (which I prefer to call it) was never meant to be ready to go the second it was put in and players were told this. In fact, I even knew there was going to be angry players, so I will post the gnote (global note) which I posted the day I started doing the code: '[ 6] Gatz: Stat System Date: Sat Mar 13 18:20:35 2004 To: all

Well, blood, sweat and tears brought you this new system. I realize many of you may hate it at first, but I hope you give it some time. There will be some bugs to iron out, but you all will like this, I hope. If you have no clue what I am talking about, then help train, help lift, help stattrain. Please use gb 4 for any bugs you see, and for any ideas on improvement please use gb 2. Once again, I ask you give this system a chance before passing judgement. -Gatz (PS. Str is only in for the time being so it can get all the bugs worked out, once it is fine I will do dex and so forth)'

Wow, I am the jerk aren't I? I clearly state how I wish that people accept this code and my desire for it to be the best. I am a simple guy, and I sure never claimed to be an awesome coder, but I work really hard and I believe in what I do. This new coding isn't ruining the MUD, but making it more dynamic and new. I wish Sazxe no insult by my reply, but I hope you try the MUD yourself and if you hate it to, then please drop a gnote on the ideas board on how we can make it better, trust me it gets read. -Gatz

P.S. I appologize if I refer to Sazxe as both he and she. Sazxe always went back and forth from calling himself a girl or a boy so I could never get it right.

Comment posted on Tue Apr 22 14:01:54 2014 by Rawkus:

Just a little update about what you didn't like about CB SC the degenerating stats has been removed.

Review posted by Sayaka
Posted on Thu Mar 18 22:04:01 2004 / 0 comments
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Even though I've retired from this mud, I've found it to be more welcoming than most. The world of Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is always changing, with twists, tweaks, and quests being added every day. The IMM staff is active and quite talkative, you won't find your usual aloof 'holier than thou' Immortals here. Every so often, they'll even assume a mortal form and join in a bit of PK chaos, given sufficient cause.

The worlds built in CB:SC are very true to the series, you won't find a whole lot of other influence here, and definitely no influences from other animes, such as DBZ, Pokemon, Gundam, Yu-Gi-Oh, or any other wannabes. This is the real deal, and the players assist in keeping it that way, roleplaying honest or crooked ISSP officers (god only knows how many I had on my payroll), unprincipled bounty hunters, or even devious/diabolical syndicate members/leaders (guess which one I was).

The addition of combat drugs has made melee combat incredibly chancy... it gives some weaker players an edge to go toe to toe with the most lethal of killers and have a chance to walk away. And even the most experienced of players most likely has time enough to teach a thing or two about how the mud works, so don't be afraid to ask.

With the exception of the stat upkeep system, the mud is solid all around, an excellent concept, and hopefully will be a longtime resident of the world of muds.


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Review posted by Taille
Posted on Mon Mar 8 22:14:12 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is one of the most innovative muds I've seen of late. Using the base SWR code, the Imm coders have really made it their own, adding in a new -active- fighting system, a great space combat program, RP player interaction, and a variety of different skill classes, letting the player become whatever their heart desires.

The new fight-system requires fights to be much more strategy- oriented, and even simple skills like 'track' and 'snipe' can be put to good use. Also, weapons work differently on different mobs and players, forcing mudders to strategize when going in for a PK. Parts of the fighting system include: - adrenaline ('Your blood is pounding too hard to quit!') - single-round combat ('attack'/'circle'/'punch'/'kick' every round versus 'kill') - specific lagtimes for each weapon (for instance, pistols have a shorter lag time than rifles, and knives even shorter than that)

The space combat is also superb, a major fix on SWR's space combat. It also has specific lag-times, and Imms are working on implementing an adrenaline formula for the players firing the weapon.

The best part of the mud is, truly, the player interaction. The mud has a steady playerbase of 18 - 25 returning players, plus a constant influx of new people. True, while CB:SC's playerbase isn't extraordinarily large, it benefits from this, as newer players don't come feeling completely overwhelmed at the player-size. The elder players go out of their way to help the new players and insert them into the big happy 'Space Cowboy' group, where they're happily welcomed.

Even if IC, two syndicate leaders profess utter hatred for one another, they're likely to be great friends OOC. As such, IC problems rarely if ever become OOC problems, and if they do, an Imm is on hand to patch the whole situation up (with giant killer attack corgis named Ein, if the need's great enough).

Something I rarely see in muds, and was glad to see in this one, is the frequency of the Imms on CB:SC. They're usually on for most if not all of an EST day (7am - 12am), giving them plenty of time to constantly tweak the mud and be there to settle disputes, start up quests, RPs, etc... If a player spots a bug, it'll likely be fixed within 5 minutes of telling an Imm. Also, the immortals love feedback and ideas, and quite a few player ideas end up becoming the mud's next big thing.

To wrap up my rambling, I'll talk about the wonderfully diverse and different classes of CB:SC. Sticking true to the nature of the Cowboy Bebop show, all the classes are CB based. Feel an itch for crime? Go join one of the two syndicates, RDS or WTS (this mud's version of a clan), or become a thief, perfecting your stealing and hijacking skill to the max and making everyone mad at you. Tired of getting stolen from? Join ISSP, and post a bounty on that stinking little thief's head. Have your combat skills to the max, but are severely lacking cash? Join RBH, and get lots of money for killing thieves ISSP's posted bounties on! Have a hankering for making armor, weapons, drugs, and containers and selling them at higher prices to get money? Join GLM, get discounts on engineering things, and rob everyone of their hard-earned money--the legal way!

The best part about these different classes? They all intermingle, so for a month, you can decide to be a merchant, then jump over to the life of crime and become the leader of RDS, then have a change of heart and become ISSP. The classes are varied enough so if a player becomes bored of one, they can easily choose a different track to hold their interest.

All in all, Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy was, and continues to be a great experience for me. Come join today, and endure the madness and the fun!

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Review posted by Greyroth
Posted on Mon Mar 8 22:17:01 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy (CB:SC) is on of the few MUDs that I actually liked, because there's so much to do here. The game is not RP enforced. It is encouraged, but it doesn't leave out the people who just want to have fun doing their thing (except for mass PK).

You can go after bounties if you are in the RBH (Registered Bounty Hunters)or ISSP (Inter Solar Space Police), or you can do crimes and get paid to do them if your in a syndicate, either RDS (Red Dragon Syndicate) or WTS (White Tiger Syndicate). There's also the GLM (Galatic League of Merchants) which makes items and are given bonuses on creating items that no one else can get in that field.

The Imms (Immortals) are friendly to a point, they don't give free stat improvements or help you get revenge on someone, but they are still friendly when they are not busy.

The game gets updated alot, from new features added to game balances. There's also the ability to pilot space-crafts and fly to the other planets via Hyperspace Gates. There are 6 planets so far that you can interact with others. A few planets have various landing points for their cities.

If you have watched the Cowboy Bebop anime or have read the manga you will be at a good start of knowing how the game works. If you have not watched or read anything about Cowboy Bebop don't worry, it will just take a little bit of time to understand how the game works in some areas.

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Review posted by Giraldus
Posted on Mon Mar 8 22:10:43 2004 / 0 comments
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I haven't found a mud to occupy my free time in a long time. I found this by accident and it's consumed all my extra time since I've joined in on the fun.

The mud is set in the realm of Cowboy Bebop, directly after the show ends in the year 2072. The solar system has been colonized by the human race, and travel between all the planets has been established through the 'gate system,' a hypergate system that creates a dimensional rip through space to allow matter to slip through it at extremely accelerated speeds.

I know one of the biggest turn offs for players are terrible immortals. The immortals here are exceptionally helpful to all.

Gatz, one of the coders places something in -everyday-. Bugs are consistently caught and eliminated. He's always willing to answer questions and answers just about every question.

Many things have changed the mud drastically. Taking out the cheesy auto-combat and placing in the focus system. The new gates that you need to use if you wish to travel between planets. You cannot see your current level in anything (To make it more realistic). Death has been removed and now you are hospitalized everytime you near death.

With the Red Dragon Syndicate and the White Tiger Syndicate always waging war, with the ISSP caught in the middle things have a tendency to get interesting. There is the optional Bounty hunter path. Where ISSP can set bounties on people and the Bounty hunters have to hunt down the person and kill him (Hospitalize him) to claim the bounty.

There is always something to do here, from exploring Ganymede, to gambling in the casino at Venus. Take a job as an Officer in the Inter-solar system Police, join a syndicate and assist in the struggle for dominance, or become a bounty hunter and clear the galaxy of scum.

See you Space Cowboy..

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Review posted by Gatz
Posted on Sun Jan 11 22:10:48 2004 / 0 comments
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Cowboy Bebop: Space Cowboy is simply the best SWR (Star Wars Reality) mud out there. Before this mud I couldn't tolerate any SWR mud for more than 5 minutes, literally. The lame things in SWR are fixed. Not to mention, the bad parts of SWR muds are fixed, like Gundams which seem to be in every one.

Space Cowboy is focused alot on bounty hunting and RP elements, but it doesn't drown out people who just enjoy fighting. This is a nice balance, which is rare for most muds. There are regular global quests that occur over the mud, on top of the normal ones present.

Player input is always considered. Area production happens at a regular rate, and has a good flow.

Immortals are kept active or fired, which keeps the Imm Staff fresh and helpful. No lazy or jerk Imms here, Space Cowboy prides themself on having a helpful and functioning Imm staff. Hopefully you will stop on by, we try and take what is the best of muding and apply it to Space Cowboy.

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Review posted by Fei
Posted on Thu Sep 11 21:30:51 2003 / 0 comments
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Well, I decided to be the first to write a review about this mud, whee. *ahem* Ok, getting to the review itself then. First of all, like the mud's description on TMC says, this is the first (and probably only) Cowboy Bebop mud out there and even though some muds may have a few Bebop influences on them, it's really not the same feel. Unless you believe that in the Cowboy Bebop world, pokemon and giant fighting robots are something common to see on the streets. If you think so, then please stop reading now and go grab a pokeball to throw at your dog.

Yay, you're still reading. Then well, you probably then know what the Bebop world is about, and if you don't I shall explain in brief. Imagine a futuristic, wait, without the giant robots. Yes, thank you, not a SO futuristic world, but advanced enough to have spaceships, inter-planetary colonization and all that stuff that comes with it. Hyperspace travel, space Gates and such. Now, just as it always was on Earth and with mankind (yes, Earth.. we may occasionally go to Mars, Venus and other planets, but not any kingdom of Zorg and the evil Ohmygodimsobad emperor), there is crime. Inter-planetary crime, crime syndicates and the always present ISSP (Inter Solar Systems Police) to make them all behave and have dinner at the right time. Well, they try at least. Bad thing is they usually fail miserably at catching some famous criminals, and that's when one of the best parts of Bebop comes up: bounty hunting! Yes, bounty hunters, on their spaceships, looking for their fortune and hunting criminals around the universe on their spaceships. Then just mix a lot of good jazz background music to it, light a cigarette and load a full clip on your pistol, you're on the Bebop world now, and ready to become a Cowboy or a criminal on one of the big Syndicates. Maybe an officer of the ISSP or maybe even a lone wolf-style bad guy's all really up to you.

Hope to see you there. Adios, Space Cowboy.

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