COW Creative Object World


COW is a browser-based milti-player virtual world which encourages creativity and fun.. No plugins or clients required.

All users can create objects from the start. There is a training shed with a tiny robot who will guide new users through the basics.

Objects have 'worth' and can be bought and sold. We have a bank and several shops. There is also a post office and a postman who delivers when you login.

If you prove yourself worthy you can learn COWScript and code objects.

All of the commands are simply objects coded a specific way so making a new command is as simple as creating a new object and coding it.

Building new locations and creating new objects is done like this:

build a rusty gate to an old warehouse go to the gate create a rusty old car paint it as tomato create a dusty coversheet paint it as lightgrey put it on the car

Naturally you can say, do, shout, think, sing and ponder to communicate with others in the same 'room' as you.

Some technical info: COW is running from my own dedicated server so is very fast (Its running from a 32Mb RAM drive). Its a single perl script with a few supporting CSS and image files. COWScript is a scripting language I have designed specifically for coding objects in cow.

Mud Theme: Free-form - you create it as you want

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