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Hexahedron was created out of the pieces of a previous world and pieces of worlds that where to stubborn to die. Shikon took the pieces and with the help of the gods that protected those pieces wove the world we now know.

"For it is only through the exploration of diversity and the use of the imagination can we make good choices and evolve into something greater." -- Shikon, the Creator

Hexahedron is a large and mostly original world. Our areas do boast a high fantasy setting, filled with Elves, Giants, Dragons though you may fine the occasional Cyborg and no telling what else.

Our remort system supports 3 remorts, where a player takes a new class and race. Class and race skills learned and earned in previous incarnations become available at an appropriate level. We have 15 races and 16 classes, 8 races and classes set aside for the final remort.

The arena system consist of a Grand Arena, Mob Arena and War arena. The Grand Arena runs every weekend allowing players to earn tokens, to buy special items with, as well as bragging rights. Our Mob Arena allows for player selection of difficulty, ranging from 1 to INSANE, where they can pit their prowess against randomly chosen mobiles. You may also test your skill against other players in our War Arena, where non-pk and pk players may compete with no fear for loss of experience or equipment. The War Arena supports several different forms of combat, free for all, team, clan team and duel style.

Hexhadrons quest system, having many forms of quest currencies, ranges from the standard quests given by a known questmaster to the general mob off the street. There are fetch/collect quests. Many long running, Immortal run, collection quests. An assortment of free ranging prize mobiles as well as area bosses willing to take down, or reward, the stalwart hero.

We offer a diversified token/ticket system that allows for the use of tokens and or tickets to do a wide range of things, spellups, double exp, weapon augmentation/customization, as well as the fabled mystery ticket. These are just naming a few.

Randomly generated equipment like those found in Diablo/D II, Nethac and Angband. A fully functioning clan system that allows for players to create and maintain/expand their own. A starvation system that makes the need for food and drink a must, as well as full ansi color. Come Play and ENJOY!

Mud Theme: Magic, Might, New Twists on old themes, unexplored realms of adventure

Hexahedron Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Zifnar
Posted on Sun Jan 11 12:23:41 2015 / 0 comments
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So I recently decided to check this place out, and it has been quite a bit of fun, despite the lacking of a large player base. The couple of Imms that I have seen so far have been extremely patient and helpful to answer any and all questions that I have had and explaining the subtle nuances that make up Hexahedron.

They make significant use of mprogs, opgros, and rprogs in their areas, and it was a refreshing change going through their MUD school and actually having to interact with things instead of train/prac go smack this and that and you are done.

There is also a fun token/ticket system and there are many ways to gain quest points for gear outside of questing. Various MOBs that randomly spawn through the MUD will drop items you can then use to gain small amounts of quest points or turn in for spellups, restores, double exp, guardians, mystery items and the list goes on!

All in all, a great place to check out when you have some time. It has already been added to the short list of ROM/ROT MUDs that I play.

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Review posted by Eramus
Posted on Mon Dec 30 15:28:33 2013 / 0 comments
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So, I've been visiting a lot of these ROM/ROT Muds recently, and here's why I think you might take a stab at this one.

For these past few weeks I've been immersing myself in the slightly complicated way of life players have to go through, and I've barely been able to tap the surface. Here you can quest, gather tokens, and run around in the various holiday events they have. It makes me think of a Mud that has been around for years and years and held on to all that it had made and accomplished.

I love the randomized system, and the smorgasbord of high-end items you can find. The leveling isn't ridiculous fast, so the work you put in to get through them is decent enough, possibly on the tougher end for ROM/ROT types, but it won't be giving me a headache anytime soon.

One of the good parts about this is the variety of races, classes, and being able to see what your stats affect are pretty fun for not seeing that in many places. Spells are skills are slightly basic, but I am only in my first tier so far, the equipment customization is very complex and almost indefnite with the work you can put into making your piece of armor or your weapon the best for your play style.

Really the only thing they are lacking here is a playerbase. I have seen four regulars (one of the Immortals, me, and two mortals), who are on in an almost daily basis.

Right now they even have a pretty awesome holiday event where you can get some nice boosts early on, so I really think some of you looking for a Mud to try, should give this one a try.

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Review posted by Gahojan
Posted on Wed Feb 9 18:39:33 2011 / 0 comments
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I'm a relatively recent addition to Hexahedron, although I have been mudding off and on for seventeen years. Although small, Hexahedron has by far the most supportive playerbase and attentive immortal system I've seen. Some of the features I've seen that make Hexahedron both unique and fun:

- EXTREMELY friendly to new players (it is not uncommon for a new player to be accosted instantly by several players at once giving them excellent newbie gear and starter items, assuming they want them)

- A highly-addictive, high-stakes gambling system (my favorite XD)

- A three-tier remort system that additively combines skills from previous remorts to build entirely unique skillsets

- An optional and very competitive PK system with limited looting

- Themed collectible equipment sets (seasons, holidays, special events, etc)

- Tickets and tokens, both scattered and carried by special seasonal wandering mobs, that can be used for anything from spellups and restores to equipment upgrades and random prizes

I'd keep listing all the reasons Hexahedron should be played, but I'd rather stop idling and go play. Come try it out. :)

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Review posted by Aquila
Posted on Thu Jun 2 19:23:42 2005 / 0 comments
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Well, I don't know what to say about this mud that hasn't already been said. It's a place where you can relax, you can chill, you can have fun, you can play a game. With help if you need it, an immortal staff that's always on, and friendly players, you can't really go wrong.

This is a semi-pk (player killer) mud. You have a choice of going down the peacful path, or that of a killer. There are over five clans you can join, and plenty of players to interact with.

I don't really know how to describe the muds atmosphere other then personal. It's a very personal place, where you can make life-long friends and have a great time in the process.

It is not hard to level on this mud, with three remort classes, plenty of skills and spells, and a deep and rich history that makes you feel like you've entered another universe. I would recommend this mud to anyone, and if you ever need any help and decide to join, seek me out. I'll set you on your way.

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Review posted by Ssyris
Posted on Thu Oct 21 18:54:02 2004 / 0 comments
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Ok, well I'll keep this short because I'm at school (How dedicated I am to this mud, lol). Hexahedron is pretty much a unique place to play and hang out. It has players that are always willing to help newbies, immortals which are always available for anything and is just a fun place to chat and be yourself, or if it does yah, be someone else ;)

It is slightly Pk...you have the choice, you'll never be forced to do anything, what more can you ask. With unique classes, spells, quest systems, rank systems, everything, you name it and it has it. I just want to introduce you to a place where you can have as much fun as possible, because isn't that's what mudding is for.

If you have any question just come on and send me a note to this char: Ssyris and I'll get you all set up :) Thanks, for reading.

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Review posted by Dace
Posted on Thu May 5 19:23:56 2005 / 1 comment
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Well, Hexahedron is incredible. Players are nice. Immortals are even nicer and fair (rare enough). It's really a good friend team. There are always code enhancements, new stuffs added, they are coding right now making a 'hero ranking' system, I can't wait to see it. Oh, and the 'mobarena' and 'Grand Arena' are sooo great, I never saw such things before on a mud. It's really a place where I have fun, a lot of loony players too ;) Rp is nice, they are starting some RP stories now, I hope it'll work well. I played a ton of mud for the last 8 years, I played the 'known muds' on the TMC toplisting...none is good as Hexahedron. You should try it...be ready....it's great.

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Comment posted on Tue Apr 26 06:44:04 2005 by Amras:

I can't wait to see hero ranks too :P~ Oh wait...I have to code it! DOH! Trying to make them work :)

-Amras Head Coder for Hexahedron

Review posted by Drew
Posted on Sat Sep 4 19:25:17 2004 / 1 comment
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Out of all the muds i have played, hexahedron is one of the best. There is a wonderful imm staff and players who are more than willing to help out newbies. When i first started playing I was immediately offered help by one of the helper clans.

While leveling I found the mud both challenging and compelling. Once on hero level I explored all the unique factors of this mud, i then was inducted into a clan and have been playing ever since.

This mud is a great experiance and I recommend it to all.

I write this review with thanks to all the Imm staff and Players that make mudding at Hexahedron such a good time.

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 2 06:17:09 2004 by cedric:

Very soon I'll give you way more to do with your Hero, even after the remorts you'll have a huge challenge... But shh...soon !

Review posted by Spike Magoo
Posted on Sat Sep 4 19:25:53 2004 / 1 comment
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What an incredibly fun experience! Come on all you newbies out there!!! Come on all you seasoned players!!! From exciting one on one combat in the Grand Arena to level based quests there is something here for EVERYONE.

One of the most talented coders on the web keeps things interesting no matter how long you've been mudding, and a player and IMM base of friendly, helpful people makes even the first time mudder feel right at home. Don't pass Hex by, come check us out - bet you stay ... I did ;).

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 2 06:15:38 2004 by cedric:

Well, thanks a lot for your review. But I won't say I'm so talented :p Just not too lazy :)

Review posted by shuyun
Posted on Sat Sep 4 19:24:17 2004 / 1 comment
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This is a very good mud. Immstaff is always helpful, always friendly. Most of the players are helpful and friendly to newbies too. While I would personally like to see more tiers, there ARE a fair number of things to do after you've reached the highest tier,(there are only 2 tiers) there is Grand Arena every weekend, mob arena where you get qp for fighting a mob, quest master, immortal run quests, and the immortals also will scatter quest tokens and things like that so you can wander around collecting those.

RP is not enforced, although they have been encouraging more and more RP. There is a fair number of areas, although I would like to see more hero level areas.

All in all, a very good mud.

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 2 06:18:25 2004 by cedric:


About the hero areas, there's a 700 rooms Hero areas coming! You'll have some work :)

Review posted by Artas
Posted on Thu Jul 1 21:49:12 2004 / 0 comments
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Awesome mud... lots to do even after your final remort. Mobarena, Grand Arena, clans are in and fun fun fun. Autoquestors good stuff here.

Stop in say HI will get you some stuff to help you level.


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Review posted by Taraiya
Posted on Wed Jun 23 20:09:38 2004 / 0 comments
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Hexahedron is the most entertaining and friendly-interactive MUD to which I've ever connected. Helpful players, hundreds of rooms, new and exciting mobs, challenging quest, this place has it ALL.

Don't hesitate to drop in and say hi, you're sure to find somebody willing to show you around, or mobs that will challenge the experienced mudder.

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Review posted by chariamur
Posted on Tue Jun 15 20:06:49 2004 / 0 comments
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The time spent upon Hexahedron was enjoyable as far as it goes for the players. The immortal staff was present in the form of the builder implementor from what I could see. Ever so often the Head Implementor and/or coder would stop by to either read notes or leave note on changes.

Hexahedron has a few nice things that I don't see on very many muds that I have played. Three forms of questing, aside from those given by immortals. A unique way to obtain top of the line Hero equipment in this thing called grand arena. Never got that far. Areas are plentiful, but lack in balance for their level.

New people who started after I did, were helped. The help came in the form of a book that said this is the directions to areas, go hunt.

The other problem that the mud has is lack of balance in its core classes, as well as it's final tier classes.

All in all, the mud has great potential if the immortal staff listens to the players and fixes the balancing issues that most muds face.

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Review posted by Kris Borcheck, AKA Taki
Posted on Tue Jun 15 19:59:19 2004 / 0 comments
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Hexahedron Mud, once you get to know the people here you won't ever leave, hehe. The people are generous and helpful. The immortals are as well, and all are generally happy to give newbies a hand. If you have any questions, asking it on OOC will usually result in an answer.

The areas are unique and original, and there are quite a few of them. I even built one or two myself. They are always looking for builders, especially if you are already experienced, but they are willing to train as well. The Head Builder, Epoic, is very open and accepting of new ideas. Basically you will have free reign in your area, subject to review of course. There are several custom skills, classes, and a nice remort system. This mud keeps you busy! :)

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Review posted by Danny K. Storey II
Posted on Mon May 3 20:56:45 2004 / 0 comments
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Hexahedron is a very stable and enjoyable. The immortals and players are friendly and helpful to new arrivals and the seasoned player alike. They have a ticket/token/rune system unlike any other that I have seen (I have seen hundreds), giving the ability to for players to customize equipment, with immortal aide. It allows for changes in type, wear placement, added affects and bonuses. There are a multitude of ways to gain quest points and special items. Immortals do regular drops/scatters of items for current quests, new quests seem to be created daily.

The Mobile Arena is unique, in my experiences. It allows for players to enter the arena against randomly set mobiles and try their combat skills against them for reward of quest points and the like. I have yet to defeat an arena mobile, but I see it happen very often by many players. I also find the war arena setup interesting. As a war starts, which players can start with no immortal aide, players are given the opportunity to vote for what form of war they would like, single, team or clan. Victory in the war arena give more reward than just recognition of combat prowess, it also imparts quest points, special healing potions as well as gold.

The assortment and placements of areas, most of which are original work, make for an interesting, and sometimes bewildering, world to travel in. Be assured, there are many ways to gain directions to most every place in the realms, ranging from walking directions to 'portals' that transfer the player to where they wish to be.

Overall, I find Hexahedron a clean, fun and diversified place to play.

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Review posted by Artas
Posted on Mon Apr 12 20:16:02 2004 / 0 comments
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This mud is one of a kind. It has a ton of cool features to break up the monotony of being a hero. The friendly immortal staff is constantly updating, editing, and implementing new areas as well as the ROM stock, in addition to doing quests. The clan system is coming around so PK is welcomed (though slightly restricted).

The playerbase is good: knowledgeable and helpful. Regardless of your experience in mudding, you should stop by and give it a shot. The mote you have to lose is the hunt for another mud. Come on in and have fun.

If you read this review and come in say hi to me.


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Review posted by Peace
Posted on Tue Feb 17 17:19:20 2004 / 0 comments
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The code for this mud is a 4th generation code. It went thru 3 other muds and each time it gets better. It has unique quests that are being run by it's many immortals and by the mud itself. There are many prizes to be won by questing and almost all are usable as newbies. So it's very easy as a newbie, plus special double exp timer that makes leveling that much faster.

Many different races to choose from and different classes to try. And once you've finished leveling, there are arenas for heroes only so you won't be bored.

All in all, the mud is well rounded with the immortal staff that is very down to earth and is always ready to help. So if you're looking for that special mud, come give this one a try.

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Review posted by Drayvin
Posted on Mon Feb 9 22:10:27 2004 / 0 comments
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The mud allows for a wide variety of options. You can pursue pk, rp, hack'n'slash, relaxation, whatever. What is great about this variety is that, it's all balanced as - You earn what you get. If you desire to pk, then you earn your stats, you earn your eq, and you are worth of pk. If you choose to rp, you earn the respect of the people, and you earn the stature you deserve.

This sense of earning does not mean no help is offered. Aid for new people is exceedingly abundant. However, once you have established a reputation for yourself and you are no longer that new guy, the aid is less abundant (though still existant) and one must rely on friends they have made in the process.

Another excellent aspect of the mud is the questing. The immortals provide a large variety of quests. There are three different quest point systems:

Immquest points Quest points Trash points

Each of the different points allow for different equipment or bonuses. The regular quest points are similar to what most RoM mudders are familiar with, the other two systems are fairly unique.

Also the immortals provide a system of tickets. These tickets allow immortal gifts basically. They range from mystery prizes to double exp turned on to a full spellup...to almost anything.

Last but not least is the mystery bags. More rare than most of the other things the immortals do, occasionally mystery bags are sold. These bags hold anything at random, ranging from immortal quest eq to quest points.

To mention everything unique to this mud would take many pages, here I have listed a brief few. The place is definately worth trying out. If you do, you might eventually call the place 'home.'


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Review posted by Mugnir
Posted on Tue Jan 27 18:28:51 2004 / 0 comments
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This mud is simply as good as it gets. Before Hexahedron, I hadn't played RoM in years. I went to it with almost no knowledge of the codebase. Completely confused, I started asking both players and immortals questions. The help I received was astounding. There is almost always an immortal online and all of them seem almost eager to assist newcomers.

The special customizations for this mud are quite unique. They have a variety of activites for one to partake in. There are often little quests (and large quests) run by the immortals. There is a massive Grand Arena which Heros are permitted to partake in. There is a system of tickets which provide anything to complete spellups to double xp points to...well, most anything. The classes there are arguably the most balanced I have seen on any mud, and the leveling is not insanely hard.

All said and done, if you want to play at a place that is somewhat laid back and relaxing, give Hexahedron a shot. You surely will not be disappointed.

---- Mugnir

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