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YorMUSH is a MUSH founded on the simple idea floated around one day: throw a bunch of characters into a world with no infrastructure, and what would they do? It is in many ways a deconstruction of the typical hero, as the skills of the usual heroic character are not nearly as useful without players getting more creative and drawing upon a more varied background.

The game uses an inbuilt Rating system to help keep adult activities from interfering with more general RP. It is a crossworlds MUSH allowing both original creations and media characters(mostly from anime), with a confirmation process to categorize canonicity.

Initial access to materials and equipment is limited, but can be expanded through the activities of the community as a group effort. Eventually the goal is to have a functional, player-run town or two with an organized attempt to explore more of the world, when the MUSH will move on to Phase Two.

This is a fairly experimental project for the admins, so there may be some adjustment and new code is still added frequently. The current incarnation is playable and open to new players, however.

Mud Theme: adults-only, crossworlds, building

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