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>>> Warning <<< Clients that send unsolicited protocol requests are not compatible with ForgottenMUD. It's advised that you use MUSHclient or download our custom client to connect.

Features: + Custom codebase + Graphical client + 200+ spells + Instances + DM emulator + Item auctions + Bilingual French/English + Player-built dungeons & planes + Automated PvP events every 2 hours + Dialogue system with clickable answer choices + Randomly generated wilderness and dungeons

ForgottenMUD features a graphical client that makes it possible to play the MUD entirely with just the mouse. Even spellcasting can be done from clicking icons with a system inspired from Diablo.

We follow the d20 rules as faithfully as possible and offer all the classes and races of the SRD, and more. If you are familiar with d20/D&D, you should feel at home, here.

The core activity of ForgottenMUD is its PvP events which are ran automatically by the server. The PvP events are varied and include 1 vs 1 tournament, deathmatch/arena, skill challenges, trivia, and more.

ForgottenMUD offers a few activities which you will not find in other MUDs. We have an implementation of Mythic's GM Emulator which simulates a tabletop RPG session without a GM. (Read a review here: The dungeon builder allows you to build your own dungeons in the plane of Earth which can be raided by the other player. The best builders are also allowed to create their own pocket plane in the Plane of Dreams.

For explorers, we have a big instanced dungeon, and countless dungeons in our randomly-generated wilderness.

More minor features are our casino where you can play blackjack and checkers (with a graphical board), the bounty hunter and the live broadcasts which allow you to watch the screen of other players. Oh, and bards can play music for other players, too. If you truly want to make ForgottenMUD your home, you can purchase a house, a mansion or a tower, for yourself and/or for your guild.

ForgottenMUD is only open to the public with a stable server as of January 2014. It might still have a lot of bugs, but they will all get quickly fixed as they are reported. The lead coder is extremely active, as can be seen in the activity log on the website.

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy and Modern (d20)

Client Recommendation: graphical client available on our website

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