Darkened Lights 2.5


Darkened Lights started in august of 2004, it was enhanced and produced heavily from stock Circle14 and it is a CircleMUD/GodWars Themed Mud, offering fully customizable class system, Roleplaying is available with traditional level system, however status levels are gained by Playerkilling. Fully operational Most of the code is custom, however we kept the feel of the CircleMUD because it is more user friendly.

If you know godwars, and or you know circlemud/diku, than it is easy to learn. The Code is not yet complete but i am looking for PTESTERS/CODERS/BUILDER NEEDED.

This mud truely is my pride and joy, when i first started i didn't know coding, but through a long and creative process you have the mud, potentially of your dreams. I have my own dedicated server.

*NOTE: There is DL2.0 available for you apon request, mikeyryan420@gmail.com

Mud Theme: RPG/PK

Client Recommendation: Any

Additional Noted Features:

  • Godwars Enhanced System (CUSTOM)
  • Roleplaying and leveling system incorporated
  • fullu automated characted stat training system
  • Class Powers and Discipline/Research system

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Review posted by Hans Friedman
Posted on Tue Nov 27 09:28:55 2018 / 0 comments
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I thought that Darkened Lights was going to be a traditional GODWARS theme. I was wrong. Mayhem showed me a great amount of detail in regards to the custom code and usage, its quite amazing, considering i am a huge fan of Godwars, Darkened Lights is much more, you can exp hunt and level up with over 1k levels its difficult, not to mention the user friendly nature.

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