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Mud Address:    dreamchasers.space 4767
Web Address:    http://https://dreamchasers.space/Main_Page
Codebase:            [MUSH]
Listing Last Updated:     February 15, 2017

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    January, 2016


Filgaia is dying. The deserts expand after the desolation caused by a five hundred year-old catastrophe. Demons made of steel and technology rise again, trying claim this world as their own. The secrets of the past stir, and those who lived them try to manipulate Filgaia's future to serve their own ends. It is a world filled with ruins from past ages, containing secrets to be found, and with those who would use those secrets to shake all existence. The world of Lunar, orbiting Filgaia, is still abundant and rich in life, but the Goddess protecting it has become withdrawn and cruel. Monsters have risen, and the Goddess' servants cannot stop them alone. Worse yet, the world trembles at the rise of a new Lord of Calamity.

Life on these worlds is precarious. The tides of war and dangers of the past threaten to shake the foundations of both. Kings, priests, and generals aren't prepared to handle these threats -- or they further them, sometimes knowingly .

The ones who can best deal with these dangers are Drifters: men and women who wander the world in search of ruins, for fame and glory, knowledge and wealth, answers and power. Their goals are their own, as are their reasons. Not all Drifters are heroes, though, and some only want the past's secrets for their own sake. Cut off from society, living day-to-day in Filgaia's badlands and Lunar's countryside, these adventurers may be the least likely to save the world that they walked away from.

They are, however, the people's best and last hope. This is their story.

Dream Chasers MUSH is a Japanese console RPG-themed game of adventure, dungeon-crawling, and secrets just waiting to be found. And if you ride far and fast enough to the west, the sun will never set on you. Our major themes include Xenogears, the Wild ARMs series, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Tales of Zestiria, Trigun, Grandia, and more!

Mud Theme: JRPGs

Dream Chasers Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Dari
Posted on Sun Feb 3 01:06:38 2019 / 0 comments
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Epic storyline, but severely newbie-unfriendly. Unless you have a friend there you can app alongside, don't bother. Newbies tend to get swept to the side in favor of more established characters. Despite being based on a handful of JRPGs, nobody there really wants to actually be a part of any new character's JRPG-style rise to epicness. If you aren't established right out of the gate, or don't have friends already there, you're going to get ignored, left out, and looked over pretty frequently. All in all there are better places to play, with more OOCly friendly environments.

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