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Mud Address: 23
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Codebase:            [Custom] GalTrader 4.55, revision 4.4
Listing Last Updated:     February 23, 2005


Galactic Trader is a multiplayer space trading game loosely based on the PC game 'Elite'. It's reminiscent of old BBS door games, but is coded for OpenVMS based Alpha and VAX systems. In the original, players would make money buying and selling goods (some illegal) and evading cops and hostile aliens in the hopes of racking up enough credits to buy a better vessel or weapons. Successful players achieve fame on the high score list. In's enhanced version, players can now join the Imperial Navy or Galactic Police, or even become a member of the hostile Thargoid race. There are many new ships and new equipment, such as tractor beams and fusion torpedoes. Players can build their own bases and outposts. Capital ships can carry fighter squadrons, and mount multiple laser cannons.

Support is available in the Galtrader group on Yahoo! Groups.

Mud Theme: Elite universe

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Galactic Trader Stats
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# Days Listed5919
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status159
Total Telnet Attempts4030.068
Total Website Attempts7370.125
Telnet Attempts This Month2708.710
Website Attempts This Month33710.871