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Mud Address:    mud.zeemud.org 4000
Web Address:    http://www.zeemud.org/
Codebase:            [Dikumud] Diku Gamma 0.0, highly modified
Listing Last Updated:     December 31, 2006


Zee MUD is based on the old favorite 'Mudde Pathetique',and is run by old M.P. staff. Our world is predominantly original sections, though we do have some areas that are 'golden oldies'. While many Dikumuds emphasize the hack-and-slash approach to playing, many of our newer sections emphasize rich descriptions and puzzles to solve, that the careful, observant player will enjoy.

Mud Theme: Swords/Sorcery

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Zee MUD Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed7974
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status419
Total Telnet Attempts3680.046
Total Website Attempts4900.061
Telnet Attempts This Month2488.000
Website Attempts This Month34211.032