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Jupiter's Children is an original theme superhero roleplaying game. JC is set in the Los Angeles area in the near future. It's been a generation since the Jupiter Event occurred and the world is still learning to cope with the rising number of Meta-humans. It is a somewhat dark future where the concepts of Good and Evil have been eclipsed by Publicity and Entertainment. It is a world of heavy contrasts separated by shades of gray. JC is a game where adult-style and mature role playing is allowed. If you are not comfortable with the possability of adult situations occurring while playing then you should choose a different game. Players are encouraged to be as original with their characters as possible. Character application is quite easy, requiring only a few lines or a couple paragraphs. Character logins are usually returned withiin minutes of reading. JC has recently re-opened to the public. Join in while the player base is growing and everyone is fresh with excitement!

J U P I T E R ' S C H I L D R E N In a few moments the world changed forever. In a few years it was Life as Normal. In a few more years everyone was Reminded.

Mud Theme: Original Superhero

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