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Mud Address: 2017
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Listing Last Updated:     March 23, 2018


PROPOSAL: CHOICE-DRIVEN MUTANT GAME We are a story-driven game based on actions and consequences. As mutants make decisions, they will shape the grid and the story, and their players are welcome to gather with others ICly and decide where to take a plot, do +request legwork, reach one another to figure out what pieces of the puzzle each of them have, etc. If a Brotherhood member decides to turn himself in to SHIELD and become a political prisoner? That leads the plot places.

SETTING: EARTH-636 Our world is similar to Earth-616 but different in a few key ways. Most of the world is written from the perspective of mutants, or in a way that ties to the 'mutant issue'. As such, the Avengers were created in response to Magneto, and not Loki. similarly, a lot of the early days comic goofiness was trimmed down for the sake of simplicity and tone, so the world is still small, and places like the Savage Land and Asteroid M are not a thing yet. The game isn't only for comic book buffs. Our story started with Magneto and Professor X having vanished after Apocalypse's invasion of Washington DC, but the it has since led to clashes against Oscorp, Sublime, Sentinels and the Avengers.

GRID: CHANGING WORLD We have grids that change based on player actions. As of now the game consists of Salem, New York, Hammer Bay (Genosha), Doomstadt (Latveria), Limbo and Madripoor.

CHARACTERS: RISE OF THE MUTANTS Characters are Brotherhood or X-Men. Players can tweak stories and powers, to an extent, to customize Feature Characters and cut some of that fat comic books are known for. We want players who love their characters, and will take apps from almost any mutant character, but we are not taking OC apps at this moment.

STORYTELLING: POWER TO THE PEOPLE Storytelling in Mutant Genesis is a colaborative experience. We have active Storytelling staff, but we also give players the tools to run their plots and their scenes, from Plot Threads and Game Plots pages in the wiki to the Antagonist PCs alt slot, which allows players to apply for a third alt slot of villanious or non-mutant heroes to write stories where these characters clash with the Brotherhood or the X-Men.

WANTED CONCEPTS: WHERE DO YOU FIT? We want players who are looking to actively engage in RP with others and plot, and who play in-theme. If you like to make friends in the OOC Room, or don't have time to RP frequently, you could have an IC radio channel with Jubilee or Dazzler, for example, and we would be happy to have you! Some characters who are open right now: Archangel, Beast, Bishop, Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Pixie, Storm, Toad, Wolverine, and others.

Come on over, check us out at

Mud Theme: Superhero/Marvel/X-Men

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