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DS Wonderland is an adult oriented interactive world, where like-minded individuals come to discuss and experiment with female dominance and the BDSM scene. The staff is open and friendly, and willing to happily answer any questions you may have. We have fantastic games coded into the talker, such as trivia, a full working casino and lots of shops to choose from that offer plenty of clothing and fetish wear. Everyone 18+ is welcome, so stop by and chat with us today!

Mud Theme: Femdom Talker - dominant females and those who love them

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Posted on Sat Sep 26 09:01:30 2015 / 0 comments
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This place was most impressive for its fun features not found at many talkers. It was very unfortunate to find that the staff fails to deal with issues that arise. If you are harassed by other users the staff does nothing. They just tell you to ignore the person. If you want to find friendly people to chat and play with find a different place to go. These people only care for themselves and those who treat others with disrespect. If you are a kind and generous person be ready to be ignored by all. Again this is not a good place to go anymore. It used to be quite a fun place to meet different people, see different things. But now its become a very unsafe place to be.

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