Cloudsdale 3


**NOTE - C3 began accepting character applications in July of 2015. Mudconnect does not have an option for 2015 in the drop down menu, so we had to list the muck as opening in July of 2014. We apologize for any confusion!**


~Ponykind to the Stars!~

The year is 2121. Equestria has been at peace for nearly a century, and peace has a habit for turning one's mind toward the betterment of ponykind. Cloudsdale 3, peacefully orbiting these past 23 years above everypony's head, is the crowning achievement of an unprecedented technological renaissance that brought ponies to the stars in record time. The most massive extraterrestrial undertaking by Equestrians to date, every tribe had a hoof in C3, and united they stand upon her decks, greeting alien visitors, watching the weather, and staking their claim to the cosmos.

The age of the zero-g nag has dawned. This is their story.

Cloudsdale 3 features:

-A totally original setting for My Little Pony RP, where original characters can come up with their own plotlines on top of the main MUCK plot.

-Support for non-MLP canon races - specifically anthropomorphic furs, who play the role of "alien races". Create your own new species and post about it on our bboards!

-Space station RP - players can even create their own starships and fly around the cosmos - create your own vessel and post her specs on the bboards!

-RP request chat threads, a public OOC meeting place, and detailed bboards featuring helpful tips and support topics.


Check for a detailed background on the century of history between the MLP canon and the age of the zero-g nag, as well as information on C3's policy, acceptable character types, and how to apply for a character. (While you're there, subscribe for server updates by email!)

All are welcome, but we have one strict rule - NO persons under the age of 18 (or the age of consent in your country of residence, whichever is *higher*) allowed. No exceptions.

Mud Theme: Sci-fi My Little Pony (includes options for anthro/furry characters)

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