What kind of mudder are you? Explorer, Socializer, Achiever or Killer? Perhaps a bit of each? GateWay has something for you!

Explorer: There's plenty to explore on GateWay, it is HUGE and there are endless hidden things to ferret out and discover. Almost every room has clues and hidden things. Every guild has unique abilities to try. Monsters can be listened to as well as spoken with for information. Six Domains, Ten guilds, Thirty quests, unique equipment (some with special abilities), puzzles, hidden treasures... there's too much to list.

Socializer: Love to chat and kid with friends? GateWay has always been a social mud with silly people who do things like moon you, shoot sticky arrows, slap you with "kick me" signs or send you a hug from a distance. There's a wonderful chapel to get married in. Also you can give out friendship bracelets. The list of emotes is massive. The mail system is superb and accessable everywhere.

Achiever: Want to get to the top? There are 100 levels and if you make it that far you may qualify to be an AVATAR and go for another 100 gruelling levels. There is an extensive toplist maintained with dozens of rankings to let you know where you stand.

Killer: Wanna stand over the bloody oozing corpse of another player that you've just mangled? Register as a Player Killer and hope that you're tough enough to take on the other registered Player Killers. Because they'll be waiting for you...

Come, enter the GateWay and find your mud waiting for you.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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Review posted by Ivan
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GateWay has begun plans for it's 20 year anniversary celebration. Come check us out and why we've survived where other MUD's have long gone to the bit-yard.

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