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Bleached InuYasha Galaxy (previously known as InuYasha Galaxy) is a hybrid MUD that mixes together the Bleach and InuYasha anime series into one unique intense adventure.

One of our most unique features is our shard system, where shards (shikon shards) of a jewel (the Shikon no Tama) have been scattered across both eras, thus players can find these shards and use them to increase their own power by embedding them into body parts as well as attaching them to items. This plays a very important role in our intense PK system as well. There is virtually no limit for the strength of a player, and we have absolutely no stock areas, classes, or races. Since players have full control over the clan system, clan wars become extremely bloody (and even more so with shikon shards in play).

Here are just some of our features: -Embed shards of the Shikon no Tama in different body parts for various strengths, or attach shards to weapons and armor. -Combine enough shards and create the Shikon no Tama, which can grant your deepest desire! -Create your own customizable Youkai (demon) transformation. -Travel between two worlds; the Modern and Feudal era (time travel). -A unique class system, where you can multi-class into different classes such as Combatant or Slayer, and level up the class. -Set up your own shop and sell items with a merchant cart. -Create, customize, and control your own clans. -Plenty of skills right from both anime series, such as Sankon Tetsusou (Iron Reaver Soul Stealer), or Kidou (Demon Arts). -An elemental system (fire, wind, earth, etc), where players can choose an element on creation as well as elemental weapons. -Unique weapon attacks, where special weapons can fire powerful attacks. ...and so much more!

Mud Theme: Anime, Manga; InuYasha and Bleach

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