The Beast Within: Returns!
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Mud Address: 5353
Codebase:            [GodWars] Heavily Modified
Listing Last Updated:     September 06, 2017


The Beast Within mud is a heavily modified version of Dystopia. It has loads of classes, those unique to TBW, and some base Dystopian. Some classes are easy to max and take no time at all. For the older players who want a challenge, there are classes that definitely take much longer to max.

Features PK Environment - supports NO-PK if you don't like it! * 26 classes (14 stock, 12 Unique to TBW) * In-game modifiers for XP, QP, Status, Gambling, Damcap * The Madness Maze (Random bonuses) * Chaos (Special Random) and Revised Rune Equipment * Player Levels (more XP, more Bonuses) * Freeze Tag * Legions and Professions (additional bonuses) * PK Quests, Quest Cards (improved), Sacrifice Bonuses * Mining and Butchering tradeskills * Heavily Modified areas and zones

Code Revision includes * In game Real-Time Fight Code Database * Built-in Debug Mode * Corrupt Pfile Detection * Anti-Crash measures * Revised Imm power structure (powers apply to jobs) * Reworked fight code for reduced CPU/MEM Time

Classes include Angel Bandit Battlemages Cyclops Demon Dragon* Drow Elemental warrior Giant Grendel Hadenman Investigator Jedi Lich Metapsychic Monk Ninja Samurai Shapeshifter Spellfyre Spiderdroid Tanarri Undead knight Vampire Warlord Werewolf

*Dragon is currently being balanced

Questing has been modified to include mining and butchering.

Jump in and enjoy the realm!


Mud Theme: PK - Modern

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