Partially based on the world of Drageara created by fantasy author Steven Brust, AddictMud features 65 mortal levels, 9 classes, 5 guilds, and 3 races with their own inherent skills and abilities.

Help is readily at hand either via the online help system, or from one of the experienced players online. Many players have been with Addict since the beginning, and we get new players 'addicted' almost daily!

* Newbie friendly!!! Zones and equipment exist to help ease a new player into playing, so they don't feel lost in the shuffle of a new mud * Limited multi-play allowed (two characters at a time) * 9 classes, 5 guilds, 65 levels * Growing number of join-able guilds to further customize your character * 3 playable races with race specific skills and traits * Hundreds of zones, with over 17,000+ rooms to explore * Quests frequently held for redeemable quest points and prizes * In game quests to find or assemble rare equipment * Helpful Immortal staff and newbie friendly mortal player base * Alias system with presets for newbies * Fully functional clan system with clan halls/areas and clan quests * PK during TCs (total carnage) held for fun and sport * Free rent! * Customized scripting and special properties to make mudding a very unique experience * Player owned personalized 'housing' which allows players to safely store excess equipment, and expand their own domicile * Less expensive lockers for players to store extra belongings * Five player hometowns spaced around the world

Mud Theme: Dragaera Hack & Slash

AddictMUD Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Zyrion
Posted on Wed Oct 12 20:26:36 2005 / 0 comments
Display Review, what a place. Zen and Aelant were very helpful to me when I got started. Whenever I needed a helping hand they were there. Since then, I've become the helping hand to new people as well. If I could dedicate all of my time on the MUD, I would. the IMPs and IMMs are very helpful, and when you talk to them, they actually answer you back. What more can I say? People who care enough about your questions, complaints or just your run-of-the-mill hello and answer you back means everything to me. I play this mud, and this mud alone because of the atmosphere and family oriented players and staff.

You want challenges? Come get some! You wannna just hang out and chat to people... What are you waiting for? Start playing, and I guarantee you'll get Addicted, just like me. They call it AddictMUD for a reason. Once you get on, you're hooked... If you see me online, I'll sell you the crack pipe to keep your habit going... :P If I'm not online, someone else will.


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Review posted by Org
Posted on Sat Jul 2 19:58:28 2005 / 0 comments
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Ever want to play a mud where you can slay beasts at your leisure, work in groups to conquer large monsters, or just sit back and have a good laugh with a crazy group of people? If so, AddictMUD is the place for you.

AddictMUD is going on its 10th year in development and has a lot to show for it. It is crammed full of custom zones , as well as a handful of stock zones so other circlemud players don't feel so lost.

AddictMUD has many different things to offer to make it unique, some of those being advanced assembles, player housing (which can include player owned personal shops , player owned npc's , and a large number of other things to make your castle/house customizable), great quests, hundreds of original skills/spells/powers , and much, much more. There are simply too many things that make Addict unique to put into one listing. Everything from challenging the Gods of Mt. Olympus, to fighting the Dragon hoard that has desecrated the once known city of Midgaard. There is always a beast that is ready to test your will and battle lust. So drop on by , and I among other players , will be more than glad to help your feel right at home. Thanks!

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Review posted by Mystikk
Posted on Sat Jul 2 19:54:27 2005 / 0 comments
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Hi! Just wanted to pretty much agree on everything he said. I love addictmud.. it's very easy to adjust to, and pretty much all of the members are as helpful as can be. I know firsthand how rough it can be starting on a new Mud. I started on Addict with NO knowledge whatsoever, and was immediately welcomed and assisted.

Addict has many newbie zones, as well as mid to higher level areas that are as mysterious as they are rewarding. Brazil is an acceptional IMP, and keeps up on pretty much anything that can and/or will go wrong. The Immortals there always jump in and help when possible, and that accounts for alot. I've tried to go to other Muds and look around, check out their layout and such. And I just cannot grasp those like I did Addict.

For anyone interested in beginning this awesome ritual of slaying and killing, I would highly recommend AddictMud. It's home to me. And I cannot stress enough how fun and rewarding it becomes. It's another family really, and as such, help is always there when you need it.


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Review posted by Zen
Posted on Thu May 5 21:19:16 2005 / 0 comments
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AddictMUD is not only advanced technology, it's an addiction. AddictMUD has been keeping it's players occupied for 10 years now. Many people may see this fact and think to themselves: '10 years?! My word, I have NO hope of being the best!' On the contrary, with AddictMUD's easy to learn system, I guarantee, ANYONE can become the best if they put in the time.

AddictMUD is a game which is fun no matter what. You could be someone who plays online games 8 hours a day, striving to be the best of the best, or someone who would rather just kick back for an hour or two after work and level their warrior a bit.

While it is easy to get into the game, it is difficult to master: You will always have something new to do if you wish!

Getting down to some of the features I personally enjoy:

*Fully functional clans with clan halls. *Personal player housing. *Remort system - you can remort at any level after 31, 99 max levels. *Hometown changing, Name Changing and Item Restring shops. *Dedicated Immortal staff, constantly improving the game. *Anything I left out, sorry, its 5:45 AM and I'm still on AddictMUD!

I highly suggest you try this game!

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Review posted by Drefan
Posted on Thu Apr 28 20:24:04 2005 / 2 comments
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AddictMUD is one of the most advanced CircleMUDs I have played. Many code alterations and additions have made this game an evergrowing environment. The game is mostly hack and slash, but there are always quests going on across the game.

It is not difficult to learn the game and start leveling up and whatnot. There are a lot of older players around who are very helpful. It is a game where the quality of your play time is greater than the quantity in my opinion.

The mudconnect data is slightly out dated on it so I'll fill you in on some of the changes. There are 99 levels with a remort system where you can remort at any level after 31 into a new class or the same class and get remort points. The amount of points you can aquire with one remort goes up as you level. With these points you can purchase many special remort options. The equipment in the game is on a rate based load so many items are rare and difficult to get as they have a low load rate. There are 11 classes and 3 races, 3 of the classes are remort only classes, and 2 of the races require several remort points to remort into.

The social atmosphere is cool, everyone is pretty laid back. You can choose to do as much or as little as you want with this game and have an amazing time.

Come on by and I'll be happy to help you get started! -Drefan

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Comment posted on Fri Apr 22 08:13:02 2005 by Victoria:

Drefan- That was a very nice & factual piece you did on AddictMud. I've been playing Addictmud for a very long time, as well as some of my family members. The mud is almost like a second family to me. Even though you don't see them all the time, they always welcome you back with open arms. It is as Drefan says, very easy to play. So three cheers to mud FAVORITE mud! :) -Vicky

Comment posted on Thu Apr 28 18:09:34 2005 by Jagang:

Well written Drefan. AddictMud has definitely been a second home to me.

There are friends there that have been mudding with each other anywhere from 1-9 years. Unique skills and spells, Custom Zones, A friendly playerbase, as well as a helpful immortal staff, makes AddictMUD enjoyable for newbie and oldie alike. Stop by and see for yourself!

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