The Eternal Crusade
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he world is a place of conflict. War, intrigue and political maneuverings are a constant, and eons have seen the rise and fall of gods and demons. Through it all, the nations of man have grown and flourished.

The powerful Vir Sidus Empire ruled over an age of glory and discovery. Then, they abruptly retreated over the Ergonian Mountains to the safety of the East. In the West, two kingdoms grew in the wake of the Empire's retreat, both finding themselves watched over by the One Faith. Aequor and Galenthia forever stand on the precipice of war, but narrowly avert all-out calamity time and time again. Three city-states stand between them: one a powerful theocracy that governs the faithful, another the remnant of a once-mighty kingdom who dared to challenge the Empire’s might in the East, and finally a new city-state that has proven itself rich, powerful… and corrupt.

All must watch the seas for the raiders of White Hall. The threat of the northern Icenaila tribes still lingers, while belligerent mountain clansmen gather in the east. The Empire of Partharia threatens everything that the Kingdom of the Faith stands for as they try to incite another war.

Will you be a knight, a noble, a commoner or a member of the rising merchant class? The future of the West is in your hands.

The Eternal Crusade is a MUSH with coded character generation and combat systems, set in a medieval fantasy setting. Plenty of choice roles are still available! Much more information can be found at

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

The Eternal Crusade Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Helena
Posted on Mon Oct 23 08:20:30 2017 / 0 comments
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This game is awesome! It's been two and a half months since I started, and already I feel like my character's goals are being accomplished. The staff is super friendly and more than willing to work with new and old players alike, and the player base is more then willing to offer a hand to new players as well.

While the FS3 system is being changed over, but still in use, that is the only real bad part of the game I can even think of, and even then, it's not anything to really cry over. Come play here, join in the story, be apart of the plot, trust me, the staff will be happy you came, and There is always a spot with me!

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Review posted by Benvolio
Posted on Tue Jul 28 21:19:36 2015 / 1 comment
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This is not a newbie friendly atmosphere. Hard to find roleplay. Big grid and botspot idlers.

Game plots are difficult to become a part of when player is not staff or staff friend. Statement validated by Cesspit of narcissism.

Too many convoluted rules. Staff excessively mircomanages all details and can get antagonistic with players.

Great theme, poor management. Player creation restricted, BoD similiar.

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Comment posted on Fri Jul 10 22:51:54 2015 by Ceasere:

The good news is the cesspool that was creating that drama was banned. The head wiz and Bucky are doing a fair to middling job of keeping up with the +requests, and the players are very friendly. The staff in general are now very friendly and open to working with players.

The Metaplot was altered so that the head Wiz could run it, and they went and killed a mess of the Old Staffer PC's to clear up any of the messes they left behind.

The Theme is the same, and is in general very well written and detailed. I'd say the game is a solid 8/10. There are some things that could be improved on, such as canning FS3 which is a fickle beast at its best, but all in all a good experience.

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