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GNSmud is a text-based game with a AD&D Forgotten Realms theme, and is based on ShadowDale MUD with updated code and new features, from which it branched off in 2014. It have remained in active development since.

The MUD features 18 races and 11 classes, with possibilities for single, duel and tri-classing. In true AD&D style it have some class/race restrictions, as well as some multi-class options being only available for some races.

GNSmud is a hard MUD, and death doesn't come without penalty, makign you really respect death, with your corpse with it's equipment falling down where you die

When creating a new character the player have options to spawn in the race's hometown or in Shadowdale. It's recommended to start in Shadowdale as there is more people present there and the training grounds might have donated equipment.

As of summer 2017, the community have had an revival thanks to redditors reading a former players exiting tales of playing and have 3-15 player online any given moment.


Mud Theme: forgotten realms

GNSmud Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Cody Sexton
Posted on Mon Apr 29 18:18:40 2019 / 0 comments
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GNSmud is an updated take on Shadowdale Mud code. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but there have been some code clean up and zones that were not ported over from the past have been added. Some previous immortals have come back and finished zones, along with a few new zones added! We have levels 1-50 and if you get enough experience you can request to immort and go to level 51. At 51 you can do new commands, help newbies and eventually build zones.

Players can start in hometowns. I personally enjoy the dwarf hometown. It has a lot of small details that really bring it to life. Each newbie zone has low level zones that surround it and then eventually you can explore and find tougher zones with fun quests and equipment.

There is an arena zone where players an join and PVP. They do not lose equipment and are brought back to their innkeeper(save room). Sometimes quest points are given to winners! Some things that are fun to note for this game are: Quest Shoppe - Quest points given for participating in immortal run quests, or good behavior can be turned in for quest gear, stat increases, or restring (changing the name of an item!) I personally like to rename my gear - Hat of Disguise - Stone Shield of Grounding - Armbands of Decay!

We have a bot in our common area (place everyone meets). He casts buffs and can you summon you from around the mud. This really helps newbies as they get lost or have to flee tough fights! Summon! Summon! Heal!

Reincarnate Druid Spell - You can level to 50 with certain races then switch to another race! I can be a trollish monk, or a mindflayer cleric!

Over 100 zones based around the Forgotten Realm World of Faerun! Learn to build your own zone! Come up with an idea and pair up with an immortal and make a zone!

This game is based off of 2nd edition DnD. Classes and Multi-classing is possible.

I suggest trying it out and exploring. You might meet a Red Wizard of Thay or get lost underneath Myth Drannor!

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