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Dungeonia is a dungeon delving mud in the flavor of wizardry. One town, one dungeon, loads of fun.

Regeneration is very slow and the dark places of the dungeon are dangerous places.

Buy some potions and torches, team up and take on the dungeon!

We feature multi-classing options, PVP available, Clans with clan warfar, many races, 100 player levels and are always interested in builders who want to make a level to call their own in a Sub-dungeon in a "Player Challenges" area

We also welcome interested builders on a more permanent basis who want to help tweak and maintain the main dungeon.

Mud Theme: Dungeon Exploration

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Review posted by Aokawol
Posted on Fri Apr 8 09:20:48 2016 / 0 comments
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Wow, what a neat crafting system... And the expertise system is very cool.

Oh wait... those are stock coffee mud. So, what makes this different than, say, the Coffee Mud mud? Well, the world. That's it, as far as I can tell. Oh, and you can't recall once you're in the dungeon.

This mud is basically a dungeon crawler, where you start out in the only town and start delving into the dungeon. You build your EQ from found items until you can craft or buy better.

I was actually interested in exploring the dungeon more, however, my lantern ran out. At that point, of course, I could not recall. I may have been able to stumble my way out, but since there are no shops or any other sources of light in the dungeon, I would have had to stumble the entire way.

Overall, I see that this has potential. However, being a brand new mud, there is some polishing that needs done. Removing the restriction on recall would be a first step. I understand why they would want that, but if your corpse got stuck down in the depths, you're basically out of luck. Given the player base (I was the only one on), you would have to start over on gear. But, since you can't get into the mud academy, you'd really be struggling to build up funds.

Overall, I love the CoffeeMud base. I had never tried it before. Also, the idea of a dungeon crawler inside a mud is actually a good idea. However, with no ripchord to bail on the dungeon, it makes it difficult to get too invested in your character.

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