The Eternal Battles


The decades of peace have ended. The kingdom of the south has begun to amass its armies; the kingdom of the east has started to venture back into the light; and the kingdom of the west has started to fortify their defenses.

The High Priest Lazia of Tier has ordered the armies to defend the kingdom at all costs. In the last century, Kael was a strong force that blocked everyone from living in peace within Tier's walls, and this time Lazia wants to be ready. The Matron Mother of Sheol has slowly been sending out more scouts. The reports she has received were prophesied by the Oracle; she knows she must strike. With the threat of intruders into Kael, the General recalls some of his forces.

The kingdoms are at war once again. The gods have decided that they will let the battles decide who the winner is. The mortals have the knowledge they need to fight and survive, but in this world, only the strong will survive. Only the strong will be able to outwit, outfight and survive in this extreme world.

New warriors sign up to join the ranks of each kingdom, which kingdom they join is up to them. Which one will you fight for?

Mud Theme: Level/PVP

Client Recommendation: ZMud

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