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Codebase:            [Merc] Modified Merc Codebase
Listing Last Updated:     November 24, 2009


Static Chaos - Still Alive

Static Chaos, known in the past as Chaosium, is a God Wars style MUD built on a Merc codebase. Creator, Alathon, used the idea of God Wars to create an unparalleled PvP experience that is both balanced and fun.

The game's pace is slow at first, giving newbies an opportunity to adjust. Also, stock areas are used to give newer players an idea of where to start. Leveling up is difficult and does take time. Unlike some Dystopia muds, you actually have to put effort into maxxing out character attributes, and aquiring equipment.

Playable classes are broken down by race. Each race has its own defined class:

Fist--Human warriors who harness the power of their spirit. Mazoku--Demonic astral being who feed on mortal emotions. Patryn--Demihuman masters of rune magic. Saiyan--A race of warriors with tremendous innate strength. Sorcerer--Human mystics who wield the three schools of magic.

Race/class selection is limited, but only because balance is of the utmost importance.

In addition to player-killing, players have one other duty: being social. In addition to being an exciting PvP environment, it's important to converse with fellow players. There are no filters in Static Chaos so players have the freedom (most of the time) to say and do as they please... this is a double-edged sword. If you're easily offended, you might want to second guess entering. Otherwise, we'd love to have you.


Mud Theme: Anime/Fantasy Novels/Video Games

Static Chaos - Still Alive Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Pennywise
Posted on Sun Feb 14 20:26:17 2010 / 0 comments
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Static Chaos isn't like any god-wars I've ever played (which seem to be clones of each other with varying degrees of differences). The combat system is godwars-esq but is unique to this mud.

The clan system encourages pvp... all clan halls are located in a pretty small area which includes chokepoints, which encourage pvp. Clans are guarded by NPCs which help provide security... but they can be cleared by the use of Gundams, which function like quasi-seige engines. Some Gundams can be used to sneak into enemy clan halls to finish off wounded players (but will die quickly to any player should their stealth fail them)... while others have the ability to fire devastating weapons that hit all of the mobs/players in multiple rooms in a row.

It is a class based system. In order to keep actual class balance (and not a day to day buff/nerf cycle that leads to flavor of the week classes) there are only 5 classes:

Saiyan - Probably the most unique class. Its class mechanic centers around the use of a type of energy called rage. The Saiyan can generate rage during combat at the cost of movement, stored rage can be used to perform various abilities for damage, defense, utility, etc. It also must 'focus' this rage during combat into Strength, Speed and Aegis. Which corresponds into how hard you hit, how much you hit and how much less damage you take. Playing a Saiyan is a balancing act between keeping your Str/Speed/Aegis focused, using offensive/defensive abilities and maintaining enough rage to do all of the above. A very fast-paced class.

Patryns - A melee/caster hybrid that is best described as a jack of all trades. The Patryn can be 'built' or 'specced' differently based on how you tattoo runes on your torso, arms and legs. Spells are cast via weaving runes together... you may runeweave energy and life runes together to heal a target, air and death runes to cast a strong nuke (or air/destruction for an aoe nuke). The Patryn has many spells to augment is brutal base melee damage. Combat is spent deciding which runes to weave in order to counter the enemies attacks and maintain a strong defense.

Fist - A pure melee class. The fist's class mechanic is a combo point system. It has 6 abilities, each of which generate a static amount of combo points (2 to 7 points). At certain combo point levels the Fist can unleash a combo attack that can range from a very strong defensive ability (at 14 combo points) or an all out assault at 24 combo points. The combo generating abilities have a small chance to generate one more or one less combo point than expected, this means that the fist must be able to change his strategy on the fly based on combo point generation. It is capable of the stiffest defense of any class so it is regularly used to tank difficult encounters/areas on the other hand it also has the ability to unleash the single most devastating attack in the game so it is by no means a 'weak' class.

Mazoku - A morphing Melee class. The Mazoku is a multi-armed demon that has the ability to change all aspects of its self. During combat it can morph its arms into Claws, Tentacles, Blades, etc to perform different abilities. For example when using tentacle arms it can 'lash' the opponent to cause them to drop out of their current stance (thus taking more damage, or doing less damage depending on their stance). The Mazoku can also build up Astral energy which it can use to unleash powerful direct damage and aoe damage spells. The Mazoku isn't limited to one form either, it can change from its Battle form to a 'True' form that puts it more in control of its Astral energy resulting in its Astral spells hitting harder in exchange for taking more incoming damage. The Mazoku's signature ability is called Astral Strike, the Mazoku temporarily disappears from reality and then appears behind the target unleashing a devastating melee round. The Mazoku spends the fight switching between arm types to gain access to special abilities, charging different Astral energies for attacks and timing its Astral Strike to maintain melee pressure on an opponent.

Sorcerer - The pure caster. The Sorcerer has the absolute most abilities of any class. It also is unique in the ability to specialize in 3 schools of magic each of which alters your playstyle. As a Black Mage you have access to the top tier Black Magic abilities making you the strongest debuffer. You also have access to the strongest aoe nuke in the game which is capable of hitting multiple times in a single cast. On the other hand as a White Mage you have access to the strongest heals in the game as well as the strongest single target nuke in the game Chaotic Distengrate. A Shamanistic mage has access to the top tier abilities of the Elemental trees (air, water, fire, etc) which give them a slightly weaker aoe and single target nuke but they have access to some additional utility spells such as the ability to knock all enemies in the room out of their current stance. Sorcers do not cast spells directly from their mana pool, they must maintain a secondary energy pool called Mystic Energy. Mystic Energy is generated over time from the Sorc's mana pool when they're concentrating, and expended when they cast spells. A Sorc must balance the amount of Mystic Energy that they expend so that their spell-based 'melee' does not suffer.

The combat in Static Chaos is anything but bland, classes do not just stand in the same room and cast spells at each other until one dies. Combat is a constant struggle between abilities and counter abilities.

For example:

A Patryn fighting a Mazoku can summon balls of electric energy as the Mazoku goes to Astral Strike... causing the Mazoku to take electric damage for every melee hit that he lands. The Patryn can use a seperate runeweave to drain the accumulated Astral energy from the Mazoku thus preventing their nuke.

A Saiyan fighting a Fist can attempt to guess the Fist's combo point levels by watching his combo abilities and then activate a kiwall ability before the Fist can unleash his powerful combo. If the Fist manages to fool the Saiyan into using kiwall too eary he can punish that mistake by using a different combo which shatters the Saiyan's kiwall and does a large amount of damage.

A Sorc can continuously launch gusts of wind at a Fist to attempt to cause the Fist to execute incorrect combos (not all of the Fist's combos are beneficial to him). The Sorc can also use his magic to dispel the Patryn's defenses causing him to take increased damage.

There are many more examples but I'll let you discover them when you come play with us :).

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