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Picture yourself immersed in the world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, surrounded by everything you loved so much in the books. Haven't read the books? Don't worry, you can have a great time without them!

Venture out into the 30,000+ rooms of the world as a Darkfriend or as one who walks in the Light, slaying your foes through outright combat, stealthy assassination, deadly poison, or powerful channeling. If it is other adventurers you choose to hunt, you risk the complex country-based and noble-controlled law system and its fines and executions! Or, choose the available pk flag option to force enemy adventurers to challenge you to combat. If you wish, choose to not be involved in playerkilling at all. It is completely up to you.

Enjoy the flexibility of choosing whether to join our active group of players, and whether to associate with other people who share your interests, or be a lone wolf, spurning all. Rise up to become a noble, controlling one of the kingdoms of Randland, or choose to be a commoner. You might plot the overthrow of a hated kingdom...or to be a Blademaster in its service...

We have an elegantly coded MUD, employing professional coders with 50+ combined years of MUD coding experience. After 22 years of active improvement, we provide a very rich and mature play experience that is being improved on a daily basis to enhance your experience of WoT.

Two of our most popular attractions are the extensive combat system and the unique channeling (magic) system. The combat system is not boring, with combat messages indicating location of hits, parries, blocks, and utilizing various weapon skills. The channeling system is unique and original, designed to be as close to Jordan's One Power as possible while still being fun and playable. Other features include room-to-room ranged combat, a first-class mount system, multiple races, thematic and realistic professions, wolfbrothers, in-game AND web-based help files, balanced player interactions, and a thriving economy.

Come on by, give us a try, and get ready to fall in love!

Mud Theme: Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

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