MTBS Nations at War


MTBS Nations at War (NAW) starts out simple enough, but is deceivingly addictive. Played in real-time, players (mayors) build a city that will stand the tests of time by climbing to the top ranks of the game.

The only way to do this is to research new technologies, build armies and structures, and ultimately attack and defend against other players. The game also features allegiances, resource sharing, live chat, and a private messaging system during game play.

All you need to join NAW is either a Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, and no additional plug-ins or software is required. Add to the fun and encourage your friends to play! It's all free.

NOTE: This website can't link directly to the game. Go to's main site, and select "MTBS Nations at War" to play.

Mud Theme: City Survival Through International War

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