Tele-Arena 5.6 Gold Et Al. (MajorBBS)
Rank: 595


This is a legacy MajorBBS system running the following door games :

T-LORD, Androids, Tele-Arena 5.6 GOLD, BladeMaster, Crossroad of the Elements, Erotica, Fazuul, Galactic Empire, Hangman's Secret Cove, Kyrandia, Lunatix, Mutants!, RingMasters, Super Lotto, Super Nova, Swords & Sorcery, Swords of Chaos, The Casino, Trade Wars 2002, Archeryt, Oltima 2000, Othello, and CyberTank.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Tele-Arena 5.6 Gold Et Al. (MajorBBS) Mud Reviews
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Tele-Arena 5.6 Gold Et Al. (MajorBBS) Stats
Raw Data Average Data
# Days Listed158
Last Connection StatusConnected
# Days With Status46
Total Telnet Attempts7174.538
Total Website Attempts7494.741
Telnet Attempts This Month71723.129
Website Attempts This Month74924.161