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Ansible is a Role-Playing (non-combat, non-PK) Game set 10 years prior to the events depicted on the battle school from Orson Scott Card's novel 'Ender's Game'.

The players take on the roles of students on an International Fleet space station and interact with each other and the teachers. Specially selected children (chosen for their intelligence and determination) arrive to the station as 'launchies', the low of the low newbies, of approximately 6 years in age.

Eventually, these students are promoted to 'armies' that compete in battle games set up by the teachers. Some of these soldiers will become Toon Leaders. A few, Commanders. By the time of graduation, at about age 14, each child will have made many friends and a few enemies, and learned the abilities they need to become skilled soldiers, strategists, and pilots for the International Fleet.

That is, so long as the teachers don't break the young recruits by pushing them too hard, desperate to discover the child commander destined to lead Earth to victory against a deadly alien race, the Formics.

Mud Theme: Sci-fi BattleSchool Roleplay

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Review posted by Kaiga
Posted on Thu Nov 9 17:42:46 2006 / 0 comments
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AnsibleMOO is a roleplaying game based on Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow, two parallel books written by Orson Scott Card. In March of 2007, it will reach its ninth year in existence. Under agreement with OSC, the game takes place ten years before the books, which is enough time so that no characters in the book would be at Battle School yet.

Like the books, players start their characters at age six in a Launch Group. For the next three weeks, the player gets a feel for how the game and RP works, and completes character approval requirements. On the Sunday, three weeks after the player joins, if all requirements are fulfilled, the character will be promoted to an army. If the player does not complete the requirements, he/she is transferred to a special Launch where he/she can be promoted on a future Sunday after the requirements are met.

Currently, the MOO has three active armies. These three armies are what PCs are members of and what a launchie will be promoted into. After being a member of the MOO for a certain length of time, the player has the option of making an NPC. The NPC may be placed in any of the twenty armies. Each army has forty soldiers and one commander. Since no army has forty PCs and NPCs, there are unplayed characters created to fill spots in the roster and be referred to in RP.

The set up of the MOO is quite organized. There are four floors that soldiers can be on that are filled with various rooms to RP in. For battles or practice, soldiers may also go to the Battle Room, which is a coded room that acts much like a video game, except without the graphics. Other fun non-RP elements on the MOO include an assortment of games in the Game Room, and a soldier's desk, which includes the very difficult Fantasy Game, mentioned in the books.

Overall, AnsibleMOO is a well-organized game. Scheduled RPs occur on occasion, usually being actual IC classes for soldiers set up by one of the Staffer characters. There are different staffs that help run the MOO including a Mentor Staff to help a player get started and an RP staff to keep plots running and enforce appropriate role-playing. It's a very well made game and if you enjoyed Ender's Game and/or Ender's Shadow, I highly recommend you take a look.

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