Arcane Ages


A vast wasteland spreads out in all directions. Desert winds swirl restlessly, and the smell of death hangs heavily in the air. The ground has been churned and spoiled, stained red and green from battle. Hacked and bloody corpses litter the landscape like broken dolls, and five weary figures emerge, victors perhaps. Five explorers from five different walks of life, with five different allegiances, become comrades in arms from necessity. Exhausted from battle, injured, their magical reserves low, they cautiously explore this land. Heliav, Spyro, Valerian, Kaji, and Sheean, a motley crew at best. Interested in playing a starring role in this storyline? Then come visit us. Whether your interests are warriors, thieves, wizards, clerics, or something else entirely, we have something for you. With one of the most diverse codebases and worlds in existence, you are guaranteed to find a home with us. 99 mortal levels, 20 hero levels, 20 avatar levels, and 10 celestial levels leave lots of room for you to grow. So come make your mark on the world.

Mud Theme: Fantasy

Arcane Ages Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Ashten
Posted on Fri Dec 4 12:10:27 2015 / 0 comments
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Looking for something different? Looking for something challenging and rewarding?

Arcane ages has something for every Mudder. An amazing rune system for spells (optional by name or runes), specific shaping runes to alter how your spells are cast. Maybe you want that fireball to be an areas? Maybe heightened damage? Maybe both!

Arcane ages boasts multiple classes and the ability to dual and tri class. Not all combo's are available to make though as some you just cant feasibly combine i.e. paladin/antipaladin....

Arcane ages has an active immortal staff that has been with it since the start of the game in 1988. We also have multiple active, knowledgeable, and friendly long time players (myself included).

Arcane ages has a crazy fun rule system. Want quad damage? Boom, quad damage. How about double, triple exp, done! Dont think this makes it easy! The mud can still be challenging and kill of the longest term best geared players around.

In short, come and join a fantastic mud that has been around for almost 30 years! Its a great place to spend 10 minutes or 10 years. If you have questions in game, just give a 'gossip' and players/immortals will be there to lend a guiding hand.

Regards, Ashten - Immortal/Player

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Review posted by Alexander
Posted on Mon Aug 25 19:43:49 2008 / 0 comments
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I've been playing Arcane Ages (previously TeraMUD) seemingly forever and still have not explored every area, nor played every class. In the time that I've been playing the mud has grown significantly, in areas, players, items, and story. I've tried other MUDs, and found that I couldn't get into them as deeply, though TeraMUD does have an emphasis on hack-and-slash gameplay. The sheer number of ways one can approach the game is staggering, and in the end simply fun.

Arcane Ages is also very newbie-friendly. Almost all players are ready to help someone new learn the game, and the help system is very comprehensive and complete. There are plenty of warnings and areas for newbies to use to learn the game, before continuing on to more challenging goals.

The clan system Arcane Ages deserves a mention as well. Any player can found a clan, and with enough gold, can have a clanhouse and clan gear made for them by the gods. Both pacifist and warring clans are available, depending on the play-style each person prefers. Clans first and foremost foster camaraderie among players, and provide help when it is needed.

The mud is by no means done being developed, many projects are constantly in the works, and new content always coming online. While less populated than larger muds (probably won't see 100+ players on at once), the staff of immortals and the player base are very dedicated, and a great bunch of people. With tons of classes (and combinations), races, skills/spells, and areas, I believe Arcane Ages to be one of the best MUDs around.

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