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Created from chaos, Twisted is a multiverse setting created as a safe haven from the chaotic wastelands that surround it and acts as a multiverse hub where people and places have been taken from their original worlds and connected as a large multi-themed location. Featuring a rich history spanning several decades, the world of Twisted is full of elaborate back stories with just the right balance of depth that a character can arrive from literally anywhere and not struggle to fit in with the crowd.

Citizens range from comic book and anime characters to video game and movie icons. Literally anyone is welcome. Our application process is fairly simple and we do feature a unique power level system to prevent the grid from feeling too overpowered as some similarly-themed games suffer from.

For more details about the places and people of Twisted simply visit our website or log on and speak with any of our helpful staff. Remember, there's a million stories to be told. It's up to you to write yours...

Mud Theme: Multi-verse, heavily game/anime inspired

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