The Final Sunset
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We are an upgrade code base. Graciously expanding from the original Vampire Wars MUD and Godwars GW2K6 comes The Final Sunset as the last vestiges of twilight fall on humanity into the black abyss. Unseated by political and social unrest, the clans form and gather amid the storm of chaos befalling the world. The Final Sunset is focused on roleplay and social interaction. Based off Whitewolf's Vampires, The Dark Ages it also offers the thrill and hunt of Pure PK.

New additions to the code, for those familiar with it, include additional disciplines, upon joining a clan you gain three preordained disciplines of that clan as well as up to two other choices based on rank/generation within your clan. More changes are to come almost everyday to make the mud better! The admin are friendly and helpful for any new (or old) players that wish to stop in and be welcomed to The Final Sunset.

Mud Theme: Vampire Only

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