FurryFaire is a 100% anthro, middle-ages roleplaying MUCK. It uses a unique roleplaying system, allowing character growth and flexibility. Players can choose from a variety of races, groups, nations, and magical styles, granting them plenty of options for character design.

Mud Theme: 100% Anthropomorphic, Fantasy-Medieval Roleplaying MUCK

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Review posted by Scoville
Posted on Tue Jul 23 07:27:13 2013 / 1 comment
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When I first began roleplaying on FurryFaire so many years ago, the game was a lot of fun. It fluctuated between a light free form system and something with some minor stats. The administration had trouble coming up with anything worthwhile and, yet, despite a few power gamers out there things worked out well and everyone had fun.

The administration switched hands several times due to personal issues and in 2004, the game switched hands to Shiro, before then known as Foxtrot. He began using the medium to primarily promote and take ideas for his own homebrew roleplaying game business and in turn forced the entire game under a set of roleplaying rules that, for all intents and purposes, is meant for tabletop gaming. The rules are so heavily skewed and unbalanced it prompted a lot of complaints from players that fell mostly on deaf ears. As a result most scenes that used the system dragged out much longer than necessary often resulting in much more OOC chatter about what to do than focusing on a campaign's story.

Often the head wizard would 'godmode' many things, using much OOC knowledge in order to proclaim the final word on any scene or campaign. He has been known to give his own characters extra bonuses in order to power them up faster than regular players. In many cases he would play more than one of his own characters in some campaigns in order to railroad outcomes to his desire. This reviewer witnessed firsthand on more than one occasion the headwizard intentionally using OOC knowledge and several of his characters at once in order to kill other player-characters he simply and personally did not like.

The game overall has the potential to be fun. The setting is well thought out and the players themselves are a good bunch of people. Unfortunately the main wizard staff is full of bias and is more concerned with personal welfare than listening to player suggestions. The game rules and magic system are extremely confusing and convoluted, making this game more of a MUD in disguise.

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Comment posted on Mon Jul 22 22:04:12 2013 by KynElwynn:

The staff has undergone a new regime change with a different head-wiz (myself) and there's no god-mode via system tweaks allowed anymore. :)

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