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PKmud is basically a text deathmatch server. When 2 or more players are online, they can start a match with the "start" command. When the round begins, players are assigned basic equipment and are placed randomly around the world. Players then slaughter nearby weak NPCs and take their equipment in preparation for finishing off the other players before the timer expires.

In order to bring new players up to speed quickly, various "immortal" commands are available to players. This includes "goto" for learning the map and "snoop" for watching other players in-game. The "osearch" command is used to search the game for items with specific stats, and "whereload" can then be used to find out where to get the item.

While the game has been up continuously since 1994, it has not been actively maintained for quite some time. Should a playerbase appear, we will commit some development resources.

Mud Theme: Pure Player Killing / Deathmatch

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