Star Wars: Way Of The Force


Way Of The Force is based on the ideas of the Star Wars universe with some elements from other scifi stories. This universe is filled with trillions of people of all kinds of races, ranging from humanoids to droids.

The game uses a timeframe long after the Emperor has been killed.

Since the days of Luke, Jedi have again become the defenders of the (new) Republic, and many of them are found in our galaxy.

Years after the Emperor died, the empire is clinging on to life, but it has been in decay for centuries now. With the death of Sidious the old Sith order collapsed, but many dark-side force users have come in its place, many of which indentify with the legacy of the Sith.

As a player of WOTF, you are one of the select group of people who has the ability to 'use the force', and your task is to become a well trained user of the force, either on the light side or on the dark side. Ultimately, you can become a master on the Jedi council, even become its leader, or when you fall for the dark side, you could become powerfull enough to rebuild the Sith order and become its master.


Way Of The Force is currently testing the combat system and the 'new player' experience. We are not officially open for playing but our current playtesting is public and you are invited to participate.

Feedback on the mud by means of mud mail or idea/bug reports is very welcome.

We are also looking for people who have experience with both the DGD driver and LPMud derived codebases, please contact Aidil or Kalten on the mud.


Mud Theme: starwars

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