Dynamix is a social MUSH with a general theme centered on Dynamic City, a place for building, coding, and socializing with no quota restrictions. The public sector, Central Square, has fun surprises and places to explore.

Take a ride on the DC Train and visit several uniquely coded themed areas. There is Comfort Farm in the Plains & Hills, the Pyramid Adventure in the Desert, The Boardwalk at Oceanside including the casino, the arcade, the soda shoppe, the Ocena Adventure and more!

Stop by Cape Carnival and blast into space! You can get your own starship and explore a potentially infinite universe. Transfer minerals from the planets you find and buy over ten different types of upgrades for your ship. Invite your friends and do battle with phasers or torpedoes. Colonize planets, build starbases, and actually @dig out your world for others to explore. If you are interested in space themes will certainly want to give DynamixMUSH's United Earth Space Exploration Coalition a try.

Here's what one of our players said about DynamixMUSH!: * A great mush with years of softcoding (est. 1996) * general theme * no registration, no quota * ANSI color * dynamic structure building * tons of interesting places to visit * cool staff

We do indeed have a lot to offer at DynamixMUSH. Stop by and visit with one of our friendly admins, explore, and enjoy yourself. See you soon!

Mud Theme: Social

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