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Final Realms offers many things that you will not find anywhere else. Our world contains over 25,000 custom made rooms. Each race has their own city and language, as well as a common language that can be understood by all players.

Unlike other MUDS, you will not find yourself maxing out your character within a week or two and growing bored. We do not have a level limit that is even reachable within several years of play. You will always be able to continue to grow and gain in power for as long as you choose too.

Each character selects a race and guild from a vast assortment, and will learn a different variety of abilities and spells based upon your choice. Players may also choose to reincarnate at level 21 for a chance to become a special race that cannot be chosen, although all reincarnations do not go well. Players earn a title related to your development, rank and player-elected status with the option of hiding your title to keep your guild a secret.

Final Realms also differs from others with built in systems similar to settings you would find on different clients for targeting, name coloring, movement, status window and other things to close the gap for players who have to use telnet.

Players may create, organize and expand their own groups that are dedicated to specific purposes. There are also many existing Clans, Groups, Houses, and Families that players can join, control and advance in rank.

There are several hundred quests that populate Final Realms with puzzles, mazes, keys to find and doors to unlock. Artifacts of great power and treasures of incredible value are guarded by dragons, demons and a vast assortment of other foul beasts. Quests come in a variety of ways that will test your characters physical ability, your mental prowess or a combination of both to varying degrees of difficulty ranging from soloable, party or raid. Magical items, spells and abilities are earned from their completion. We also schedule and run an OMIQ (Online Mini Interactive Quest) about once every two months. Always hugely popular with players, these quests offer very rare and powerful items that are only obtainable by winning.

The combat system is highly developed and balanced between melee abilities and spells, making a fun and challenging PK environment. Each guild has there own unique commands and spells that grow in power as the player gains in levels and skills that are not only trainable but are also gained free by performing abilities that relate to them.

If your ready for a truly unique experience, or want the competition we have to offer then login and feel free to ask anyone for assistance. We are very newbie friendly, and you will be given a newbie tag on creation that makes it impossible for others to harm you until you have reached lvl 18 or exceeded 6 million experience.

Mud Theme: Forgotten Realms Medieval

Final Realms Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Echtelion
Posted on Wed Jan 12 21:23:52 2011 / 0 comments
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I've tried several MUDs over the years, but the one that really stands out to me is Final Realms. In this review i will try to explain why.

Final Realms is a large MUD with more than 20.000+ rooms. It has also an extensive race selection with among others: Elves, humans, dwarves, orcs, goblins, drow, duergar, gnome and halflings to mention a few. Guilds that are available can be put in four different classes:

Mages: Several different schools are available with mages specialized in warding, evocation, alteration and necromancy to mention a few.

Clerics: Several different clerics are available with different spheres from where their power comes from among others combat, summoning, healing, elemental, divination to mention a few.

Rogues: Thief, Bard and Wizard-Thief Fighters: Fighters (with specialization Vanguard/Marshals and Marauders), Elf warrior, Drow warrior, Dwarf battlerager, Duergar battlerager, Ranger, Shapeshifter, Paladin, Antipaladin, Wizardwarrior and Outcast.

The different classes all have unique commands or spells. This enables the players to really select what type they wish to play. Those can relate to Dungeons or Dragons (D'n'D) will easily understand the different classes, though Final Realms is not D'n'D, there are many similarities.

One of the great things about Final Realms is the detailed environment, and worked through descriptions. Any player can be blown away into this fantastic world by just involving themselves into this fantastic detailed environment, and the solution to many quests also often lies in paying attention to details that can be found in the room descriptions.

I really have to mention the quest system in Final Realms. The game has more than 300+ quests that all give rewards like experience points, money, and varying on the quest magical items or spells. There are quests designed for the single player, but also for parties where several players have to work together to accomplish the mission. At all major cities there are tale swappers that will inform you of what quests and missions are available to you, and give you a few hints on where to start out.

It is also allowed to create special interest groups, called SIGs where players create their own place to stay, with buildings and rooms that contain vaults for equipment, taverns, sparring areas, banks, shops where they can sell their items to other players and much more. Imagination is usually the limits.

For the high leveled players playerkilling is free, allowed and also encouraged, while low level players and medium level players are protected from other players attacking and/or damaging them. Playerfighting is free, and usually are based on race. So fighting among players usually happens between evil side consisting of drow, duergar, goblin ,orcs and other evil races versus elves, dwarves, gnomes and other goodly races.

There is also a good community for those with creative skills in description and coding. If you are into this you can apply for immortality, and become a part of the crew that runs the mud, and creates new quests, areas, items for all to enjoy.

New players when they start need to select their name, sex and race. They are then placed in a starting zone for their race, where they have to level up, train their skills and reach level 5, before they are transferred after doing a mission/quest to the Realms. There is in game newbie help and also a newbie channel. To leave the newbie area, you usually have to complete a mission or quest, which if you are new to this can be hard depending on what race u pick. Asking help from other players is a good advice if you are stuck. One of the first things to do when you become a newbie, is to 'rearrange' your stats, where you roll your stats. Try to get as high stats as you can, and subtract and add from stats you need less to the stat you need more according to what class/guild you wish to play. Newbie zones can be pretty harsh, but there are quests in most newbie areas where you can receive equipment which should make it fairly easy. Again, ask for help if you need it. Try to sell items you get by killing things, and buy better stuff at the shops.

For those new to the game a few commands may be of great help: Directions - Use w to go west, n to go north, ne to go northeast. Looking - 'look' will display room description. If you find something in the description you wish to look closer upon you can use look 'name of what you want to look closer at'.

Picking up stuff - To get things from corpses use: Get all from corpses. Things lying on the ground can be picked up by get/take 'item.

Who - lists who is on the mud Tell - Used to talk to other players (Ex. Tell Dumbli how are you?) Sheet - Displays your character sheet Ask - At a trainer this will display what skills are available. Use train 'skillname' to train up a skill, you get 10 skillpoints each level.

Advance - At boardroom this will advance your level if you have enough experience points.

Sc - short for score will display your score with hitpoints/guildspoints and experience points.

Eq - Equips yourself. You can also use wear/unwear 'item' to wear or unwear, and wield/unwield 'weapon' to wield and unwield your weapons.

Monitor on - will display your hps as they go down when you are hit in combat

Verbose/Brief - This will display certain things that you are watching brief or verbose. For example 'Brief walk' will only show room name and exits, while 'verbose walk' will show roomname, exits and full room description. F. example 'verbose melee' will show how many hitpoints you do and take in damage, while 'brief melee' will only show that you hit and get hit without the hitpoint damage. Type brief or verbose for a list of what events that you have set. I reccmend brief walk and verbose melee for a start, but check it out and make it how you like it best.

Consent - There are certain events you can consent to or not. This includes the ability for how easy it is for others to follow you, to raise you from death and many other things. Type consent for a list of what you consent to or not.

Help - Will list an extensive list of different things there are help files on. Example is 'help newbie' to mention a few 'help guild'. There are lot of informative help here.

Channels - There are race channels, guild channels and special interest group channels. All newbies should write newbie on, to talk on newbie channel use newbie 'message'.

For those that really enjoy text muds i recommend to try out this mud. If you can manage to get through newbie zone, join a guild and roam around in the big realms, where you can explore the dangerous underdark, the many wonderful cities, hidden underground complexes, islands and adventures just waiting for you, i promise you that you will have the time of your life when it comes to mudding. Graphics can never compare to peoples imagination.

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Review posted by Silbago
Posted on Fri Nov 21 20:58:46 2008 / 0 comments
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A fantastic mud released in the early days when mud's appeared on the internet, with a vast selection of classes and large areas with a staggering count of quests to explore.

The development still goes strong and we offer a breathtaking time for those who have to guts to face danger at broad daylight. No safe gaming areas, aggressive and with a conspiratorial playerbase. The consequence of being killed might ruin you. You'll never find a place with such a nerve !

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