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PhoenixMUD is reopened to all in 2017! One of the longest lasting MUDs around, it maintains many circlemud features and adds a bunch but has only a few traces of its original stock zones. Feel free to role play, explore, or just hack and slash. The immortals understands that games are meant to be fun. They understand that games should be newbie-friendly at low levels yet still challenging at high levels. And they understand the difference between "challenging" and "tedious".

With these principles in mind, they have made this PhoenixMUD better than ever.

* Interactive real time combat, with new incentives for grouping. * 404 levels. * Vast magic system with over a hundred spells. * 15 classes and 15 races provide for hundreds of race/class combos. * More intelligent zones, with rich descriptions, built in quests, and mobs that can surprise even experienced players. * PK battle zones and PK flags that players can purchase to attack only other flagged players of similar level. * Lots of NEW CODE in the last couple years, including: - Automated hero tests for remorting. - A “graffiti command”. It allows players to leave secret messages in select rooms. - An “explored” stat. It keeps track of what % of the world each player has yet to find. - And much more!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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