Grendel's Revenge


Long ago Uthgol, the world of Grendel's Revenge, was at peace. Trolls, dragons, vampires, and the rest of Grendel's children warred against each other, and all was well. But then, the uglies came. The humans. A new age is dawning and a new war has begun. As a monster of Uthgol-- chimera, humanoid, or undead -- you must become one of the instruments of Grendel's Revenge. Loot! Spoil! Slay! Hoard!

Become a member of one of 45 races of monsters, choosing between hundreds of special abilities. Create your own clans and build your own lairs. For decades they've been killed, enslaved, burgled, and generally taken advantage of. Now it's the MONSTER's turn to get even.

Mud Theme: Fantasy Monsters

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