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In the Enigma Sector, the scars of the Kilrathi-Terran war are still healing. Four decades have passed since the Kilrathi homeworld was razed by the Terrans, and the Terran Confederation has shrunk to a microcosm of its former powers. Risen from the ashes of war comes a corporate hegemony, the Enigma Sector Consortium, which rules the sector for a single purpose: profit. Meanwhile, the dissolution of the Empire of Kilrah has left a void, now filled by the Kilrathi Commonwealth, a new alliance between a subset of the noble Clans that recognize that they must find a new way to live in a universe they no longer dominate. In Enigma Sector, credits can buy anthing, and there are just so many ways to come by credits these days...

Wing Commander: New Horizon MUSH is a brand-new text-based interactive storytelling & roleplaying community built using the MUSH platform and set in the universe of the Wing Commander video games. New Horizon could be considered a "spiritual successor" to Wing Commander: Red Horizon, a popular MUSH that closed in 2002, and is set in the same universe/continuity as WC:RH, 40 years after the end of the Terran-Kilrathi war.

We have an active, experienced staff, a game custom-built for the modern era's smaller playerbases, and a wide-open theme layered in conflict and opportunity. Stop by and check us out!

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Review posted by Daskar Hhallas
Posted on Mon Apr 23 16:23:30 2012 / 0 comments
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Wing Commander: New Horizon is the continuation of a game that close back in 2002. It is based on the Wing Commander theme in only the most general of senses as the game has advanced to about 40-60 years after the war. We are at the point where we could consider ourselves a part of an original sci fi MUSH. The game opened back in December and ever since then players have been joining up daily and weekly and hitting the ground running. Both the players and the staff on the game are extremely friendly, and the roleplaying is well above average. Despite the quality roleplaying, the staff and players still maintain the type of atmosphere that allows new players to MUSHing a chance to get adjusted as they learn about the game. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a solid Science Fiction themed roleplaying game that you check this place out.

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Review posted by Kieran
Posted on Tue Feb 21 20:49:32 2012 / 0 comments
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Wing Commander: New Horizon is based off of a prior MUSH I was not a member of that was itself based on a series of video games I have not played. However, I still found the game remarkably easy and enjoyable to join.

The CG process is fluid, with staff and player guides eager and happy to help fill in any theme knowledge gaps. It was easy to move straight into the world. By my fifth scene, I had 'accidentally' become a wanted terrorist with a bounty on my head.

On Wing Commander, if you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions the variety of helpful -and just downright nice- staff will let you run the plot, arbitrating the results based off of codechecks and roleplay. All the while, new systems are implemented by the ambitious and hard-working staff who are creating a game worth visiting.

The game is growing quickly, just two months old at this stage and already I see more and more elements added, just the other day 'wanted' advertised my own characters name and his tempting 100,000 credit bounty to all PC's -and the occasional staff run NPC!- who fancy their luck.

The admins are open to ideas and there are players who own and ICly run their own faction, so there is a steady stream of roleplay possibilities in the rich sci-fi setting! Having sparse at best knowledge of the genre and the theme, I still found it wonderfully easy to get settled in.

Overall, it is a fun game with a pleasant community, ambitious staff, and an exciting premise. I can't wait to see where we will end up!

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