NYC: Veil of Shadows


The city that doesn’t sleep. To the untrained eye it is a bustling mecca of people and energy, lights and sounds and smells. It’s a perpetually in motion metropolis where businesses rise and fall, careers are made and broken, and there is always something for everyone from tourist to resident.

Beneath that glitzy veneer, however, lies an unseen world. This is the world where those with the power to channel it heal themselves, call upon fire or make the ground break. In this world, there is a man listening to the thoughts of those around him on the subway, there is a woman moving objects without using her hands. When the sun sets, a woman rises from the shadows taking refuge in the beauty of the night to feed upon the blood of the unsuspecting. As the moon rises full in the sky a man takes refuge in Central Park and one might hear howls at the sky.

This is New York behind the Veil of Shadows. Welcome to a place where the supernatural flourishes in the modern world. New York: Veil of Shadows is a modern fantasy/horror MU* that borrows loosely from a variety of media outlets to create an entirely new supernatural realm. It is a world where vampires do business in skyscrapers or back alleys, a world where ghosts wander the streets and haunt places old and new, where werewolves run in packs and witches and warlocks pass on their craft to the next worthy generation. It is a place of magic and suspense, filled with intrigue and colored by myth and legend.

Come, create a character and take your place behind The Veil of Shadows.

Mud Theme: Dark Fantasy/Horror

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