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Mud Address: 6116
Web Address:
Codebase:            [MUSH] TinyMUSH v3.1
Listing Last Updated:     July 07, 2005


CaveMUSH is a mush in the grand tradition of social-building-coding mushes. The main body of the MUSH lay underground, but that need not limit its content to only subterrainian venues. Links to the Modern, above-ground world do exist. The story below ground deals with a race of small peoples known as 'Gnomes,' for lack of a better term, (they are different than the small, docile creatures of which you may have heard) and their struggle against an oppressive race of snake-men known as Syphians, who also live underground. At this point in Gnomish history, contact with humanity is limited, with only a few humans knowing of the Gnomish world, but with most Gnomes knowing of the human world, but hiding because of their past together (ancient humans initially drove them underground). As a human entering the Gnomish world, you will discover the Gnomes way of life, and perhaps help them win an epic struggle against the Syphians, their greatest foe. Player building and coding is highly encouraged -- in any theme (floating areas acceptable). There is no quota and no building limits. Friendly people. The core's the limit!

Mud Theme: Underground, Cave-dwelling, Gnomes and Monsters--also social and free building.

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# Days Listed5943
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# Days With Status467
Total Telnet Attempts3680.062
Total Website Attempts5050.085
Telnet Attempts This Month3029.742
Website Attempts This Month35111.323