The Soul Ruins


Submerge yourself in a world of the unknowing as you're body inhales its first breath in the realm known as The Soul Ruins. This mud has be running for awhile now, and has gone through a complete transformation. Through the use of a builders port the immortals were able to fix all problems with the mud that had plagued it from its previous 'encounters with the wrong'. It now has a complex combat system that seeks to challenge the mortal, while the implementation of automated questing systems, updated leader commands, and over 100 more updates tweak the original world of TSR. Running on a dedicated connection we are up 24/7 and yes with a much more devoted staff than before. If you're simply new to muds just drop by and see how our new guild-newbiecouncil system will quickly help you gain status and rank within our world. I challenge all of you willing, won't you insert just one soul to play? -Administration of TSR

Mud Theme: Player Killing, Player Battles, and Role Play(If desired)

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