Elusive Dreams


..and as had been foretold, the Cataclysm occurred. It was not the end of the world as many had feared, but nothing would ever be the same again. Humans could no longer continue their blinkered existance. The old realities had been forever shattered and the dreams had been let loose in the land. Drawing on this new power, the Ancient Races re-appeared. No longer did they have to cloak their comings and goings. The very earth hummed with power and even the most sceptical had to acknowledge that the safe order of things was no more. Reactions varied: some embraced the old ways and magic returned to the lands, some retreated to sheltered enclaves and developed new and amazing technologies, some gained the stars, some lost their minds. It was a dangerous and chaotic world, but the rewards were great for those brave enough to embrace the dream. Elusive Dreams has been up and running for over 5 years now and has developed some unique and interesting features. Roleplaying is strongly encouraged by clans which are totally player created and run. If there isn't one to suit your tastes, then you can always start your own! 219 levels and 15 remorts gives you plenty of time to create some depth to your character. Come on by!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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Review posted by Emerald
Posted on Mon Sep 24 20:33:23 2007 / 0 comments
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I’m not your traditional MUDder. Or then again, maybe I am. But demographically speaking, I am a radical departure from the customary MUD denizen. Behind this pointy-eared, mysterious golden path elf is an old grandma to nine. I’ve been playing text-based RP games for more years than I’m usually willing to admit. So for what it’s worth, here’s a review by someone who’s seen more than her fair share:

I “retired” from MUDding about the time Elusive Dreams (or ED) became a reality. What got me wasn’t the MMORGs or the DDOs or the other graphic-intensive games. It was the plethora of stock games run by selfish kids with a perverse and perverted autocratic control obsession. Those kinds of games nearly decimated the classic text- based MUD playerbases. People left the games in droves, many never to return. I was one of them.

After eight long years in the 'nightmare', a happy coincidence gave me a peek at a very unusual world. From the first screen shot, I recognized the format, but it was apparent even early on that this was a better “world”, more alive and vital than the ones I’d left behind. And I was hit with a pang of homesickness that shocked me to my core; I missed MUDding. I created my favorite character, an elven mage, and the rest is now history.

Kayal, bless her heart, is the original Dreamer. She no longer walks the Dream, but her presence is everywhere. Creative areas, colorful rooms, attention to detail, and most of all balance. It didn’t surprise me to learn that she’s nearly my age, and loves text-based games as much as I. Every aspect of the game has been honed and tempered to a fine edge by her artistic genius, her wisdom and her passion. The players and the immortals have done an impressive job of preserving the integrity of the game, her legacy to its future. And Evirator; who put it together, and made it all work. If they returned tomorrow, I think they would be proud of what the game has become.

The TMC description will tell you it’s a stock ROM MUD, with some original areas. For me, there was comfort in returning to play in a game with familiar areas, where I knew where to go to train and grow until I could fully get my MUD boots back under me. But in the 16 lives since I created, I’ve played nearly all of the original areas, and they are far from run-of-the-mill. Evirator created two of them, Seat of Power and Snakes and Adders (both complex puzzles for those with a penchant for solving riddles). Central Nervous System (or CNS), written by Twisty, then a medical student in neurology. Cat in the Hat (another Twisty area), Acclimation (immortal Obscura), Amusement Park with its challenging Haunted House (immortal Valkyl), Nightmare Castle and Nightmare Village (immortal Merkath), Achar (immortal Sinitron), Monopoly Board (Ramah), Gilda and the Dragon (Chipper). The list is long, and the areas exceptional. The advance on the latest new areas is impressive, including OZ, the timeless fantasy that is as delightful today as it was when I was a young child.

The facts are in the description, but they doesn't tell you that role- play is supported with very special areas designed not for the experience or the equipment but for character development. Players who breathe life into their characters on the red channel or the message boards bring the Dream to life. It’s a game that can be learned by the very young, and enjoyed most fully by those with a little age, a little experience, and an appreciation for talent, creativity, and thoughtful design. 'Homesick' MUDders, like myself.

If you’re thinking about coming back to MUDs, please give us a try. You might find it quiet at first. But you'll discover a dedicated and experienced playerbase, and they’ll welcome you into the fold immediately. We hope you find a 'home' with us, share our pride and our passion for one of life's rare and 'elusive' dreams.

Klah, my dirt-eatin’ muddy-buddy... Ya done good!

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Review posted by Finrod
Posted on Mon Sep 24 20:26:07 2007 / 1 comment
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Well I play ED and also I build. I started long ago and was accepted right away and made many friends. I very much enjoy playing Ed. There are many, many rooms, over 10k I believe, many hidden, many secrets.

There is alot to do,leveling (which usually a few areas per level sections), questing (which you can buy cool items and also for increasing hp and mana). I have spent almost a 1000 hours playing this game in the last 4 years (2 years of which I was lost from the Dream) and I still can't stay away. The best way to describe the experience in the Dream is to live it. Oh and the 2 years I was away, my character was saved. I didn't come back and have to restart, I just continued where I left off.

For the Newbies, I couldn't ask for a better place to be when starting off. When I first started ED, it was the people (and the place too) that made it the place to be. I got as much help as I needed. I proudly walk the Dream any time I can and every hour I can.

Finrod, player of the Dream. Angellica, builder of the Dream. Derek, of Canada.

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Comment posted on Thu Sep 6 00:10:04 2007 by Nakia:

'The best way to describe the experience in the Dream is to live it.'

Well said Fin, and we're glad to have you back. I like to think of the players of ED kind of like a family. It seems like once you've been there and been a part of the world, you will forever be a part. There have been many others who have had things happen in real life that draw them from the game. Yet, they eventually return, get homesick and they come back to those of us who remain active in the Dream. It's one of my favorite things about this MUD- the cohesiveness.

Review posted by Mireille
Posted on Thu Aug 10 21:03:14 2006 / 0 comments
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I have played Elusive Dreams, or ED, as its called, for the last seven years. And I've loved every moment. One day, I discovered MMORPGs, and left the MUDding world without a trace, going for 'pretty' instead of depth. I was gone for a long time, but I couldn't stand being gone from Elusive anymore.

The Lore of the Dream, the idea behind it, is beautiful. The Dream is just that, a Dream. It isn't Kayal's Dream, even though she began it. After time, it became OUR dream. It's the ultimate escape.

Playing in ED has been a wonderful experience. As a newbie, way back seven years ago, I found more help in the players there than I could have ever imagined. Those players are still there. Upon my return, I saw marks of their presence. Notes, roleplaying stories, new ideas for the MUD. When I have created new characters on the MUD, people, thinking that I was new, offered every little bit of help that they could, whether it be on skills to use and not to use, where to explore first, what clans were friendly and what clans were not, or how to mold my character into a story.

In the end, the Dream is just that - a story, woven by scores of players over the years. It started as an idea, and every single player has added to that idea from the time they first decided whether they wanted ANSI color or not. It is OUR Dream, and we are always looking for new ways to expand it.

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Review posted by Nakia
Posted on Thu Aug 10 21:02:18 2006 / 1 comment
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Elusive Dreams is a newbie-friendly MUD with much to offer a player. Upon beginning, you may chose from 30 different races, each have several different characteristics such as resistances and abilities which set it apart from the others. Through the remort system, you have the ability to try out different race and class combinations to suit your liking. If you prefer fighter classes, perhaps a warrior, an evil deathknight or a holy paladin would suit you well. If you are like me and prefer a caster, maybe you would enjoy the mental casting powers of a psionicist, the spellslinging ability of a mage, the healing and curative powers of a cleric, or the twisted evil and voodoo of a necromancer. For those who enjoy the serenity of nature, a foraging ranger or an herb collecting druid would be suitable. Still not seeing a preferable class? How bout the sneaky, backstabbing thief who's able to hunt a victim undetected through a unique shadowwalking ability?

Grow in strength and power as you fight your way through levels in the many interactive and unique areas the Dream has to offer. Become an elder and work to assist the young and the weak, or fight tough and become a Hero amongst the locals.

The Museum of St. Helen's offers one quests, which once fullfilled, are rewarded by granting quest points with which to purchase items such as an ultimate weapon, a coconut that offers unlimited nourishment, amongst others. Enjoy working along side others to further a cause? The various clans amongst the 'Dream' are open to joining and offer many benefits from clan only abilities and spells...to interesting roleplay opportunities. Fight along side of the evil, murdering Sha'Dar, work to establish a balance while amongst the ranks of the Lo'Natar, or fight for peace and honor with the members of the Brotherhood.

A very detailed code system makes Elusive Dreams an interesting and interactive place to play on many levels. Want to know more? Check out our website or give us a try!

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Comment posted on Mon Aug 7 06:14:34 2006 by Mireille:

Nakia, so true! The most interesting aspect of Elusive Dreams play is the clans, which are always changing, and such a necessary part of a Dreamer's life!

Review posted by Demonclaw
Posted on Fri Jan 20 21:25:34 2006 / 0 comments
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Elusive Dreams is a user friendly place to mud. Many players are helpful to newbies.

The quest system is simple and the leveling system is extremely easy to understand. There is also a list of directions to most areas on another player's site. (bryants webpage, link is on the homepage).

The remort system is great because you get to play 15 different race-class combinations during your characters life. I hope to see some new players soon.

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