Renegade Outpost 5
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Renegade Outpost was originally created in 1992 using Diku but was quickly replaced with Silly Mud beta code. Over the years many amazing coders have had their hands on the code. The end result is a Mud with some completely unique versions of popular character classes.

One example is Monk which a completely No-EQ Class that relies totally on their knowledge of Kung-Fu. Their prowess is defined by the Kung-Fu style they have mastered. The top style is Drunken Master, and actually makes all the alcohol available in the world useful!

The world is mostly unique with a few stock areas like Midgaard (modified). Many areas are inspired by Tolkien, Robert Jordan, famous fantasy films, music, and some incredibly original zones as well. With nearly 10,000 rooms currently in the world (9991 to be exact) the mud has plenty of areas to find just the right mood for you.

We invite you to come see what the hype is all about!

Mud Theme: Fantasy

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