Dreams is an extremely fun mud based in the world of fantasy. We offer very friendly disciplined players dedicated to making our world an enjoyable environment for any newbie. Our knowledgeable immortals have implemented many new and fresh experiences to keep our playerbase entertained. Here's a small sampling of our best:

* From classic horror themes to cartoons, Quake, anime and the X Files, our original areas are fun for both the exploring and kamikaze mob killer alike, some even having 300+ rooms. * Bloodbath Tower, one of the coolest Quest Areas in existence in use for the top-tiered players, which offers awesome merge quests, its own unique token system and a continuous fun challenge even for the seasoned veterans. * Various fun quests, including trivia, extreme hot potato, scavenger hunts, scrabble, socket games, dice, paintball hot potato and even mob creation/building contests. * And of course, the players and staff's personal favorite, Dreams has a MASSIVE top-tier Smurfs zone, offering hundreds of unique and hilarious mobs and objects, and a final Pokemon inspired Smurf card quest bound to keep any player up late collecting.

Finally, what fantasy would be complete without a tiered remort system that gives access to lots of spells and skills and many unique clans full of wonderful like-minded individuals with their own guilds and clan member rooms to enjoy. So come and visit, the smurfs will be thankful for your blood.

Mud Theme: Swords & Sorcery

Dreams Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Deacon Blues
Posted on Mon Oct 23 19:33:27 2006 / 0 comments
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Dreams. Pleasant ones, weird ones, wet ones, surreal ones, hilarious ones, and even a few nightmares.

Practically anything you can imagine in a MUD can be found on Dreams. It is a massive MUD with over 150 different areas, numerous quests, and an outstanding sense of humor.

This is not your typical medieval hack and slash MUD. You keep all of your equipment, even in the rare instance of a reboot (it is not unusual for Dreams to go six months between reboots.). You aren't capped to attaining a very few levels and low stats. There are 150 levels, and even when you hit 150 (when the game REALLY gets going) you can keep growing in size with no upward limit, while the MUD still remains challenging, even if you persevere enough to rack up millions of hit points.

You will never have to re-create your character, you won't fall in to death traps, and you won't have to gather a bunch of ingredients or spellbooks to be able to use your skills. You don't have to worry about getting PK'ed or slain at every turn either, although if you want to engage in PvP, there is an arena in which you can fight other players without risk of dying or losing your equipment. It is not an RP mud, so there are no 'in character' police, and there is no need to spend hours coming up with some hackneyed backstory for your character (Unless you just happen to want to. Roleplaying is allowed, but no one really does.). There is a multiclassing system, and you are allowed to play multiple characters, but no more than two at a time.

The vast majority of areas in Dreams are original and unique, many of which were artfully designed by one of the admin, Miracle, who is undeniably one of the best area builders you will find. During your travels, you may find yourself in a James Bond movie, a Dr. Seuss book, fighting dinosaurs, Fraggles, horror movie monsters, your favorite cartoon characters, going toe to toe with political leaders past and present, taking your aggression out on PokeMon, traveling through a time warp of classic Atari, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Sega video games, paying a visit to Hawkeye, Radar, and the rest of the crew from the M.A.S.H 4077th, wading through a hellish environment full of one hit wonders from the 1980s, exploring mysteries with Mulder and Scully from the X-files, venturing through larger-than-life Greek mythology, and end up practically drowning in Smurfs. Watch out though, some of the Smurfs are so powerful that they could even kill an immortal. Also, as a word of warning, Chuck Norris has a third fist hiding behind his beard.

The crowning jewels of Dreams are two areas, Bloodbath Tower, and S2k: The Spy who Shagged Me is Not Enough. Bloodbath Tower a huge area where, in addition to gaining stats through leveling, players who are level 150 can also collect Bloodbath Tokens, which are redeemable for quest tokens, custom weapons and armor that you design and set the specifications for, and more. In S2k, you encounter Smurfs, but not as you are used to them. You may have a nasty encounter with OJ SimpSmurf, or run across Smurfigo Montoya, Paris Smurfton, Britney Smurf, Omnipotent Princess of Bleh, the Smurfbusters, and many more. 200 of the smurfs possess Smurfemon cards, and twice a month, if you are able to collect all 200 Smurfemon cards, and put them in order in your Smurfedex, you are rewarded with quest tokens or very powerful equipment.

I have mentioned quest tokens a couple of times. When you win a quest, you are awarded quest tokens, which can be used to purchase things such as items, additional spells, additional classes, additional stats, new races, insurance for items, and even wishes. There are many varied quests available on Dreams, such as trivia, lottery tickets, greased pig chasing, PvP paintball (Watch out if Miracle comes out of retirement, she has 5000 'kills' in the paintball arena), premium scatters, hide and seek, WTF (A quest where you come up with the most vulgar answer you can think of to a question or prompt, the person with the funniest, nastiest response gets a token), several dice games, and more. There is also a Quest Mob, which periodically announces the area it has appeared in, and if you are the first person to get to that area and kill it, you are awarded a token. There are also special quests for holidays. While you do have to be level 150 to participate in the Bloodbath Tower and S2k quests, you can participate in all the rest of them from level one. Questing is encouraged, especially for new players, as it helps everyone get to know you, and you them.

Dreams currently has four clans which players can join if they wish. They are: Fallen Angels, a vampire themed clan, Conscious Spectre, a clan of living shadows, Tappa Kegga Beer Fraternity, many a mob regrets being in the room when they release a beer belch, and SPC, the Super People's Clan, a secretive superhero/villain themed clan. Each of the clans have a unique race , skills, and equipment which is available to its members, and each of them have a clanhall where members can create their own custom rooms.

If Dreams seems like a place you would like to be, cruise over to www.dreamsmud.com or plug www.dreamsmud.com port 3000 (IP address in to your mud client of choice and check us out. We are a humorous, supportive, fun loving, mature (although occasionally immature acting in the name of fun) group who are very inclusive and friendly, especially to new players. Our players are people from all over the globe, from Australia, Brunei, China, Mexico, the UK, the US, Eastern Europe, and many others. We are well balanced between males and females, young and old, and from many diverse cultural groups, so no one need feel excluded or uncomfortable. We do not, however, suffer fools gladly, so you will not generally encounter trollish behavior. Dreams is not reccommended for young mudders, those who take offense easily, creatures who lack opposable thumbs, or trolls. Dreams was the first mud i ever played, and i was hooked from the first minute. I have checked out several other MUDs, but i have not found any other MUD with the charm and fun of Dreams. Stop on by and join in the madness, you will be glad you did, and so will we.

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Review posted by Mayren
Posted on Mon Mar 20 19:54:04 2006 / 0 comments
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HUZZAAHHH!!!!!!!! If you're tired of being hunted down in Player vs. Player and really want a place to relax, have fun, and MUDD with alot of people on regularly then Stop here and go play Dreams!

No Really. Stop Reading now. Go play.

I didn't go searching for another MUDD home. I had one and thought it was junky but it was home and comforting and at least i knew the junk well and how to maneuver around the worst of the junk. See I'm a loyal MUDDer. A friend talked me into starting on Dreams just to be able to chat. It took only one month to hook me and change my home in the MUDD world. I didn't know what i was missing until I saw Dreams. There are Lots of things to work for both high and low level. There are a bunch of great people (who aren't even geeky looking) to hang with.

Whether your 'old skool' or 'newbie' your going to find something that interests you enough to keep coming back for more. I hate to play favorites but you won't find a more interactive Immortal than Miracle. So again i tell you;


If i'm on then talk to me and I'll help you out too! Just type the following: Tell Mayren Hi i'm new could you help me out?

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Review posted by Talbert
Posted on Fri Jan 20 21:45:09 2006 / 5 comments
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I found Dreams to be rather unfriendly to a new player to the mud. After playing on the mud about a month during which time I received much appreciated unsolicitated help from Mogley with equipment and a spell up. I also received a spell up and a premium from a second kind player. The problem I found is that when I asked for help I received smartmouthed replys along with partial help (which I had already figured out about the problem) and then was ignored. When I posted a note I was told I was a whiney player with an attitude by one of the administrators (Zeke). If this is the type of mud you wish to play at then go for it but there are other muds where the players do try to help the newcomers.

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Comment posted on Thu Dec 15 21:59:08 2005 by Miracle:

There's a thin line between asking for help and requiring constant attention. If you're part of the latter, don't even bother logging onto Dreams. If you have a brain in your head, you won't have to ask for help as much as this guy did. He did have his questions answered, he just didn't bother LISTENING to the answers he received. When you ask the same question several times and don't listen to the replies, you're going to end up with some smartmouth replies. So that DOES make you a whiny player with an attitude as Zeke said, and I'm glad you deleted. Thanks for the free publicity and God help the next batch of Immortals to take your helpless hide in.

Comment posted on Thu Dec 15 22:00:09 2005 by Phanatos:

I disagree completely. Everyone I have ever met on DreamsMUD is extremely helpful -- but like family, they don't hand you everything -- they help you find out what you need to know in order to better your character and your understanding of the MUD.

I helped Talbert when he was online several times with spell-ups and took time to help him with most of his questions. The problem is that he was unwilling to look for information before asking questions about it, then repeating the questions several times.

Premiums and such are very rare, the fact that several players were kind enough to donate equipment, items, premiums, etc. to him is a sign of just how friendly the MUD is!

Talbert's expectation was seemingly that everyone else on the MUD existed solely to help him with anything at any time in the manner he wanted. His 'question' that he refers to was answered by several people on the MUD and they all pointed him to the information he required. He was unwilling to take the last few steps and answer his own question and instead retaliated by launching a flurry of insults to everyone who had tried to help him because they wouldn't specifically find him, group him, walk him to the answer, open the door, and force him inside.

I couldn't disagree more with what he claims. I recommend anyone (either new mudder or seasoned mudder) join DreamsMUD to find out for themselves just how nice all of the administrators and players are. You'll be pleasantly surprised, I know I was.

Comment posted on Thu Dec 15 22:40:31 2005 by ZekeOfVego:

For starters, I'm not sure why Talbert lists himself as a player and staff member. He's never been a staff member, and he recently deleted, so he's not a player either. As to the matter of his comment, nothing helps paint a picture like the whole story. I never said he was a whiny player; I suggested that a less whiny, demanding tone might get him further. The exact notes in question are still available on board 1 as notes 8 (his original note) and 9 (my response). Judge for yourself.

As for the issue of Akkeron, he was on for a grand total of 35 minutes from 16:04 to 16:39 PDT on October 7th. Please also note he never made it past level 1 before quitting out. Somehow he felt qualified to start making suggestions as to the nature of how we run the game, and then was somewhat surprised that we didn't give a lot of credence to his ideas. We actually have a huge number of side games and quests which have absolutely, positively nothing whatsoever to do with hack-n-slash. If he'd bothered to stick around for more than a half hour, he'd know what our 'hardcore fans' know -- that we actually have a number of the things he was suggesting, he just didn't bother to hang out long enough to find out. It's also quite interesting that he specifically names me as one of the people telling him to stop comparing Dreams to other games, given I wasn't on for another 40 minutes, logging on at 17:20 PDT on October 7th.


Comment posted on Mon Dec 19 12:29:54 2005 by Akkeron. My name on dreams.:

I have to say I completely agree with you about dreams and some of it's players and admis. I had tried the game for a while but just got sick and tired of it shortly before you started. They seemed to get annoyed at me more than anyone in the small amount of time I spent on the game. Especially when I tried to help another newbie who had tried other muds before. When I was explaning the layout for him which was similar to another game he had played, several of the admins and players including Zeke told me to stop comparing dreams to other games like I was insulting it or something. Which I was not.

Then later I had given the admins some ideas on how they could improve dreams. They had asked on the announcements several times for ideas and when I said that maybe they should make more puzzles and quests, and that just hack-n-slash got boring after a while they told me that I had better change my name and profile because I had alienated the playerbase. I not only find them unnewbie friendly, but just plain unfriendly, except to their hardcore fans of course. So thank you for your review on dreams and maybe some people will realise just how unfriendly that game is.

Comment posted on Sun Jan 15 22:15:18 2006 by Shylenne:

I also have to disagree with the negative picture Talbert & Akkeron both have painted for Dreams. In my year of playing there, I have made nothing but friends, and hold some of the other players and administration very close to my heart.

It takes a lot to get me hooked on a MUD, and I was given a substantial amount of help when I first started - enough to entice me into coming back a second time, and I've been devoted ever since. There are helpfiles for pretty much anything and everyone, including myself, is VERY willing to help if you ask correctly.

It's not what you ask of us, it's HOW you ask it. Being a whiny, incompetent waste of space and demanding not only our attention & time but answers you've already been given and/or could have found for yourself with a little research on either the helpfile database or the website is NOT the way to make friends. Get some manners.

Review posted by Tobias Xiaros
Posted on Thu Aug 4 21:04:04 2005 / 0 comments
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One word. Unbelievable. 'Dreams' has raised the bar of mudding so far that playing limbo would only be difficult for basketball players. The first thing that caught my mind about this mud is the website/homepage. From there, you can read helpfiles and there's a newbie friendly new player section. Just about any question about the mud can be answered on this homepage. Anything from questions about the pluses and minuses of races and classes to maps of the areas and directions on how to get there. There's a list of all of the players, which some actually have pictures of the players, so you get the feeling of close relationships on the mud. Updates, rules of the mud, contact info.. it's all there!

Did I mention the clans? I haven't yet had the chance to join a clan, but there are currently 4 clans up and running. There is almost always someone on from each clan, and each clan has its own webpage as well. Each clan has its own benefits of joining and required levels.

Haven't even gotten into the gameplay yet, but so far I've seen no less than 15 people on at a time.. and the 15 people was around 3 AM Eastern Time (???How?). 'Dreams' has an unbelievable cast of immortals who have seemed to always be of service, and they are constantly online and available. The playerbase is full of great players willing to help out new players as well as serve as some great entertainment. Although, if you are easily offended, this mud might not be for you, otherwise, come on in, the fun is waiting.

From what I've seen so far is that there are some great quests such as elimidice and paintball etc. The quest token currency is used to calculate how much quest time you've put in, and several prizes for the tokens are available.

The 150+ levels leaves fun around every corner, never knowing what will happen next. This is all just from 2 nights of playing, don't be shy and come find out why 'Dreams' is currently the #2 ranked mud!

-Tobias Xiaros

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Review posted by N. Lane
Posted on Mon Feb 28 22:30:25 2005 / 0 comments
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I've had little mudding experience overall, but I can safely say that there is no reason for me to leave Dreams. The players are friendly, the Imms are always open for suggestions or fixes. The areas are constantly being improved on to meet the demands. We are experiencing remarkable growth in playerbase and areas, but there are enough old-timers to show them the ropes. ;)

For a typical night, there are anywhere from 20-40 players on at once. There are 1-3 visible Imms at any given time, but there are others on that are glad to help out if needed.

Dreams is rather unique in the fact that we chat as much as we level. No one can truly be bored, as there is always a discussion going on about anything and everything. With 17 channels that can be turned on and off according to preferences, there is always something going on.

All four clans are up, running, and looking for new members. Although the clans do not make a big impact on the game itself, they are extremely helpful when you need help tackleing Headless HorseSmurf! Seriously, though, your clannies are your friends, almost your family. Every clan gets equipment unique to that clan, a clan channel for clan members only, the chance to spend some hard-earned tokens for a unique clanrace, and a clanhall with various helpful objects, i.e. post office, training dummy.

The Imms are extremely helpful for anyone, be it a newbie or an oldie. If they aren't busy, feel free to chat with them or ask them about anything. The players are from around the world, many are in the US, but some are in the UK, a few in Mexico and Canada, and one even in Singapore.

Dreams only has 150 levels for a player to reach, 1000 xp per level. However, upon reaching 150, there is still lots more to do! New quests open up, and most of the best areas are for 150s. The extremely powerful 150s can be given a chance by an Imm to become a Legend, if the Legend Quest is completed. However, everything has a price, and it takes twice as much to level as a Legend, and new Legends start off at Legend Level 1.

Not enough can be said about the fantastic areas. The newest ones, done by Head Imp Miracle, are definitely the best. Bloodbath Tower is exclusively for 150s of all levels. There is a Practice Yard for the smallest ones, then several Tiers for everyone else. Every Tier has it's own tokens, which are turned in to Miracle for quest tokens or other things, such as new equipment, or even to convert Hp or Mana into whatever helps the most.

The Smurf Quest is unarguably the best one for 150s. Over 200 smurfs are in S2k, but only 200 are needed. Don't get scared, that's not as hard as it sounds! Most of them can be killed by even a low-level 150. However, as you progress farther into the area, the smurfs get harder and tougher. Some of them can only be collected by either a very large 150, or several mid-range 150s working together. No matter the difficulties in collecting the card from each smurf, the end is absolutely worth the trouble. Twice a month, the cards are collected. The first time, 15 quest tokens are given, 5 more if the 200 are sorted. The second time, 20. The third time, the best eq in the entire game can be obtained.

Come on over, and give Dreams a chance. We offer the best of both worlds, a very social atmosphere and a serious gaming experience. You can never be finished with Dreams!

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Review posted by T. Hoeting
Posted on Mon Feb 21 19:58:20 2005 / 1 comment
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Dreams Mud is a friendly place with active imms and clans. The imms come up with quests almost weekly--all designed to help players earn tokens for specialized skills. The imms are friendly and open to suggestions and for help. There are 4 clans, although 2 are more active than others.

On a typical night, Dreams has 3-5 imms and 10 or so players. There are several 'set' quests that players can join into once they hit level 150. These certainly help a player when designing and specializing a character. The newest area 'Bloodbath Towers' actually allows a player to create their own eq or weapon. Very nice.

The mud is absolutley huge. There are so many unique areas and skills that the stock areas seem incredibly pale by comparison. The website also offers advice and assistance so that no player should ever feel lost.

Although I have only been on this mud for about 3 months, I am happy with the people I've met and the interaction I have had. I've been on several other muds over the last few years, and I am truly impressed with this one.

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Comment posted on Wed Feb 16 01:22:47 2005 by Miracle:

Since this review was submitted, Dreams has undergone numerous changes and experienced a significant growth in our playerbase. All 4 clans are fully active now and there are typically 25-40 people on during peak hours. I run quests for the mud almost nightly and I have written several new quests, including poker, scrabble and new dice games, which include craps, elimination dice and a higher/lower game. The players really seem to enjoy my quests, so I'm more than happy to come up with new ideas whenever I can. The Bloodbath Tower quest seems to be more popular than even the Smurf card collecting quest, so I'm very pleased my work is appreciated and often complimented by the players at Dreams. Stop by and give us a try, we're definitely a different experience.

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