A richly detailed world awaits you on Malevolence. Hundreds of areas with thousands of rooms, some of the smartest monsters found anywhere, and a staff dedicated to providing a pleasant playing environment are a few of the things you will find on Malevolence.

New areas and code are constantly being added so even veteran players are sure to find new and interesting places to explore.

Mud Theme: Fantasy/Satire

Malevolence Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Sheol
Posted on Wed Oct 31 01:58:24 2007 / 0 comments
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Malevolence. Male Violence, without the 'i'. Malev, as players such as myself fondly refer to our wonderful, witty, and sometimes wacky world. A lot of time and effort has been taken to create some of the most enjoyable areas within our domain. Tarkus Industries, for example, is a place where large populations (rich for the killing!) produce whatever it is Tarkus Industries produces.

The key words are 'rich' and 'killing'. Malevolence is a great stress reliever! There are many options for character creation as well. There are limitless levels, and skills continually improve.

You can choose one of many races or discover how to become one of several secret races! Have you ever dreamed of having a thief fighter? Well, on Malevolence you can create just such a character! Think about it, a character that can hide in the shadows, stalk his victim silently, and whack said victim with a cold hard blow from his fist! Imagine the possibilities! Not only could you beat him senseless, but you could run away, put on a disguise, and come back to whack him stealthily again!

Classes include Mage, Cleric, Fighter and Thief. There are guilds as well. These guilds are specialized groups that have combined abilities from several classes and have added some special features of their own. Have you ever wanted to shoot something with a bow and arrow, just for fun? Be a Ranger! Have you ever wanted to use dark magic to turn your goody-two-shoes enemies to dust? Be an Occultist! Guilds include Rangers, Occultists, Soritals, and Paladins.

Facts are facts, and these are the facts: Whether you're from the old school of roleplay or from the new school of rpg, Malevolence could be your happy home for years to come. I know it has been mine.

Submitted By Sheol; Have you met the grave yet?

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Review posted by Kornholio
Posted on Sat Aug 11 19:44:57 2007 / 0 comments
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So one day I discover Malevolence, a text-based Multi User Dungeon. Having played the Zork games to death, it was real interesting to find a text game that was also an MMORPG. Yes. We all know about these things, but bearing in mind that I was 14 at the time, I thought it was a cool new thing. Anyway, I'm digressing.

The game is different in that, rather than levelling up as you gain exp, you use the exp you have gained to buy skill points to level up your character. There are a multitude of skills, classes and guilds available, with the option to multi-class available should you be good enough to handle it.

The game itself is very tongue in cheek, with some great humour mixed in with some devastating battles. I perosnally remember the first time I encountered an Albino Spider in the game. Probably because I died in about 3 seconds. Um...where was I... Oh yeah. Don't mess with the cops in the game if you are pre level 5 because they will stomp on you. No, that wasn't what I was going to say... Oh yeah! The admin, in my humble opinion, tend to be very fair and nice and tolerate so much without being fascists gimps about things. Shwaine has a sense of humour, of sorts, and is very easygoing. She doesn't suffer fools lightly, but then who does? There was a point to all this, but its escaped my mind. Go look for malevolence and start playing, fool!

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Review posted by Strife
Posted on Fri Jul 13 00:36:08 2007 / 0 comments
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Have you ever been searching for a new game wondering if there was one out there that is the pinnacle of LPC engineering?

Look no further, Malevolence has been around for 11 years and in that time Shwaine, Xanax and Darktoast have taken the infamous Heaven7 mudlib and created something magical. Malevolence offers unlimited levels as it has a skill based leveling system. Multi-Classing as much as you care to experiment with, and Multiple Guilds you can choose from offering further customization.

I have played allot of muds often trying the top ranked constantly in search of anything that compares. In my opinion Malevolence is the apex of MUDing.

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