Abandoned Reality


Dressed in the most fashionable silks or tattered dirty clothing, traveling across Ellandor is always a rewarding experience. A world filled with many extravagant quests for money, treasures and fame. Protecting the innocents of the main city Devenon. A life of twisted words and loot would be great if one were accepted into the Crimson Fang Pirate Gang. Joining the Imperial Army to rid the world of magic users and Sylari races. Training in the deep twisted mines of volcanoes, heavily wooded forests, and rocky mountain trails.

Abandoned Reality is a great mud for first timers, with easy directions and commands. The world map is great for the ones that love to explore the land, also easy to navigate through. Plenty of player and organization owned boats to travel across the bodies of water. Easy character creation with a well made newbie area for those inexperienced players.

Abandoned Reality was the first mud that I had ever tried and probably the only one I will ever play and work on. I found it easy to pick up the commands, spells, directions. There aren't any northwest/northeast/southeast/southwest directions, which helped out a lot. The world map and boats have to be my favorite part about Abandoned Reality myself. Many of the experienced players are friendly and offer plenty of help for those that need any questions answered.

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