Deep Shadows


Currently Deep Shadows is not open for Full Game Play. Until we find a Python Coder who wants to take on the project, movement towards opening is progressing slowly.

We do have a dice command, and a place to Roleplaying so a few of us are doing quick table top like runs.

Deep Shadows is built on the concept of those who, to survive, become criminals. Where Shadowrunners are glamorized like the next big Sim Starlett. Your job is to take a part of the this World. To build your own type of character which can survive the challenges ahead. Who will you become? A private gun for hire, a thief, an assasin, or even a smuggler? Or one of many other roles. The choice is yours.

Deep Shadows is combining different nations and cities. Where nations, and the MegaCorps that control them will wage war with each other. Where someone can make a profit smuggling, theiving, or an assassin. Where you can join a criminal organization, and find safety in numbers by playing by someone else's rules. Or start as a beat cop for MegaCorp hired to protect the Megaplex. While all variety of characters are encourage, our focus is on the criminal life of the future.

Mud Theme: 5th Edition Shadowrun

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