Welcome to Dawn, a Discworld-based LPMud offering excitement and adventure to those brave enough to grasp it. It is a world of stunning beauty and terrifying evil, where creatures long regarded as legendary beings of lore and myth are commonplace; lands of light and lands of shadow lie within the reach of all.

From the religious, lawabiding city of Treeth with its priests and paladins, to the scruffy port city of Iapage, teeming with pirates and other unsavoury characters; from the dark evil of Hylar and its forbidding Red Guard, to stately Kai-Thaan and its courtiers and bureaucrats; from the fragile, beautiful lands of Albion and the ethereal ellyllon, to the hostile depths of the underdark and its deadly inhabitants; adventure, magic, glory ... and perhaps death ... all can be found within these realms.

To play on Dawn, simply load up your favorite telnet client and connect to on port 3000. Character creation is quite simple and straight forward once you connect.

Mud Theme: Classic RPG

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Review posted by Dylan
Posted on Thu Nov 3 07:56:21 2016 / 0 comments
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My first impression was, impressive. The starting area was nice and although it took some figuring out, was new-user friendly. The descriptions of the area were well done, and I was well under way towards advancing. I was in-character (I'm a RP fanatic), and suddenly another player noticed me. Within mere minutes, I was completely adorned with the 'best' gear in the game, and weapons that were so fantastically superior to my 'newbie' gear that I felt like a level 5 god.

With their 'party' system, I was basically put into back-seat mode, and flew through the entire mud in mere minutes, killing every single thing we passed by. Guards, people, more guards, even more guards, fairies, elves, gryphons, more guards, tribesmen, etc... within a few hours of logging on I had some skills completely maxxed. Within a day, I was completely maxxed and still didn't know a thing about the mud.

I was then told that the purpose of the mud wasn't to explore or advance (max). It was to play what they call the 'endgame'. Every hour a super powerful villain appears on the game, and players rush to be the one to kill it solo, first. Between this, they collect the 'best' armours, and store them in a storeroom to give to new players.

I was also told that this mud is not intended for 'new' players, it's a place to reminisce and to sate nostalgia; it's intended for people who played the game years ago, and just never gave up on it. 99% of the mud is little more than paths to the 1% of the rooms that have decent XP. The only quests most players seem to know are stat-boost quests, which they undertake immediately upon 'maxxing', usually in under a day.

There are some exceptions... a few of the players seemed relatively new, and even resisted the insistence in killing off everything in speed-mode. If you want to play a super powerful character who relies entirely on triggers and in-game knowledge, and battle powerful NPCs in a monotony of doom, this is the mud for you. If you want to roleplay, explore, go questing, and learn the mud while you gain experience and adventure, this is not the mud I'd recommend.

Of note, I didn't stick around long enough to discover the 'clans/leagues/organizations'. I was going to, but when I asked about them, I was told that unless I was going to be one of 3 particular groups, I would be wasting my time. Apparently, it takes about 300 million XP to max a character, and more than a billion to max a group (unless I picked a weak group, which were ignored and didn't have XP spending options).

Also of note... there are almost no 'heroes'. The most common classes and races I saw were Occultists, Samurai (usually Orcs), Lots of Orcs... and Gnome Wizards. Not coincidentally, I was told these were, by far, the 3 most powerful classes. As a half-elf Paladin, I was completely out-classed, even once maxxed.

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