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Time passes. Old worlds die and new worlds arise to take their place in the Universe. The Tauros that was is gone forever. Now a new era is upon us. The Rebirth of Tauros has begun. Join us and be welcome.

Some people may remember Old Tauros. A great cataclysm befell us and everything was reduced to ashes. From the ashes, however, a new MUD is rising. Built from scratch on a strong medieval fantasy theme, Tauros is a place where great adventures await you.

The rebuild of Tauros is almost totally complete. Our team has done an astonishing job reworking the old lib into what it is today, a professional, many-featured mudlib that's easy to use and designed with the builder in mind.

If you are interested in coding or building on an original codebase, send email to daryth@taurosmud.com or stop by the game and check us out. --Daryth

Mud Theme: Medieval Fantasy

Tauros Mud Reviews

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Review posted by Vengenc
Posted on Sun Aug 20 17:35:12 2006 / 0 comments
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I've been playing on this mud for about a month now. The admin and wizards are helpful and willing to listen to ideas and actively seek to eliminate problems. Players are appreciated here and it shows. Getting 'into' the game is easy. Experienced mudders will find their way pretty quick. There's a good combat sequence and enough mobs and areas to keep you very busy while you make your way up into the ranks of the elite.

I recommend this mud to anyone looking for a fun place to hang out and chill and a great place to play. ~V

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Review posted by Coleen
Posted on Thu Jul 27 17:58:40 2006 / 0 comments
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I have started and stopped many muds and have found Tauros to be one of the most newbie friendly. It is very easy to get started on due to a donation rack for equipment to get started with and easy at the beginning to find your way around. Higher level players are always willing to help if you get in a bind!

There are a lot of interesting areas to explore and plenty of things to kill so that you aren't waiting around all the time. There are npcs to kill for all levels in many areas. Also, about once a day at random times there are expmods where you can get various percentages of exp more than the npc you killing is actually worth. Today's is 767%. Reboots only occur approximately once a month, so no losing equipment all the time!

Hope to see you there soon!

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Review posted by Vei
Posted on Sun Jul 9 17:37:31 2006 / 0 comments
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As a veteran mudder, I was not looking forward to trying a new mud, but this one rocks! The admin are all friendly and conversation is witty. There are tons of monsters to kill, and unique weapons to kill them with. The wizards and admin on this mud have done an excellent job of providing players with a great place to play! Can't mud from work? Not a problem, you can still chat with your friends who are playing the game via Tauros' webpage. Come play with me!!

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Review posted by Zhen
Posted on Mon Mar 14 19:26:39 2005 / 0 comments
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I have been a Wizard (area creator) on Tauros since around February 2003. I have created a great number of areas, spells and other fun things. Yes, Tauros is a PK mud but don't let that scare you. It is very rare that anyone does an PKing.

The wizards are very committed to expanding and enhancing Tauros. Tauros is a great environment to play in with a great number of challenges and areas to explore. There are even expmods that happen every once in a while (exp times some percentage).

So come one, come all to Tauros and explore it the lands for a while. Bring your friends too. (some maps on www.deadofnight.com/tauros/)

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Review posted by Moon
Posted on Mon Feb 28 20:58:22 2005 / 0 comments
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This ever expanding environment is a great place to play and explore. The wizards and admin seem to really care about the players, and they appear to be continually expanding and improving. They are very open to suggested improvements and believe that the player comes first. I really enjoy the expmods and the challenges.

There are a bunch of quests to contend with and a variety of levels of NPCs to encounter. You can buy your own house (castle, house or mansion) and you can store one weapon, one armour, gems and a standard item over reboots. You can find weapons that have sockets to add weapon gems to for a powerful weapon. This place is alot of fun!

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